Sixer review: An enjoyable comedy

Sixer review: An enjoyable comedy

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 30 August 2019

Movie Title

Sixer review: An enjoyable comedy



Star Cast

Vaibhav, Ilavarasu, Sriranjani, Palak Lalwani, Sathish

It's tough to make people laugh. Debutant director Chachi has borrowed the quirky night blindness/nyctalopia comedy track of Goundamani from P Vasu’s Chinna Thambi and tried to deliver a mindless popcorn entertainer. Interestingly, the film’s protagonist Aadhi(Vaibhav) calls Goundamani as his grandad and the veteran comedian’s famous one-liner ‘Current Bill Na Katnathe Illada’ and a lot of episodes from the track are rehashed here.

Aadhi (Vaibhav) is a civil engineer who lives a happy life with his cute family comprises of his parents (Ilavarasu and Sriranjani). Aadhi’s biggest worry is his nyctalopia, as he can’t see anything after 6 pm so his marriage also becomes a big question mark! 

For his own safety, Aadhi makes sure to get back to home before 6pm but that’s not the case on that day as his bike cause trouble near the beach so he asks his close friend (Sathish) for help. In the meantime, the beach gets filled with protestors who revolt against a powerful politician and ex-goon (RN Manohar). 

Unfortunately, the media, especially reporter Krithika (Pallak Lalwani) mistakes Aadhi as the leader of the group which earns the wrath of the politician. On the personal front, Krithika falls in love with Aadhi. The rest of the film is all about how Aadhi manages to hide his flaws and marry Krithika, he should also take care of the criminal turned politician!

The theme naturally brings in the fun flavor to the film and Vaibhav also fits the bill perfectly. After Meyadhaa Maan, the actor once again proves his comic timing with confidence. After Tamizh Padam 2, Sathish seems to be in form with few one-liners that brings the house down. His scenes with Radha Ravi is the highlight. 

Ilavarasu, Sriranjani and Radha Ravi are perfect for their respective characters while the heroine Pallak Lalwani’s lip synch is a big worry, irony is she plays a Tamil TV news reporter in the film. The comedy track of Chaams fails to evoke laughter.

Technically, music composer Ghibran’s songs and background score are enjoyable while the cinematographer has done a neat job. The film’s editor could’ve easily trimmed twenty minutes in the film. While the director has handled the comedy scenes well, he has struggled in establishing the antagonist, whose character is poorly written and executed.

Overall, Sixer manages to entertain to an extent though there are some logic loopholes and silly scenes. It’s a harmless one time watch for the fun element and few comic moments.

Sixer review: Watchable comedy entertainer

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