Snehana Preethina

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 22 July 2007

Movie Title

Snehana Preethina


Shahuraj Shindhe

Star Cast

Darshan, Aditya, Lakshmi Rai, Sindhu Tholani, Rangayana Raghu,

Two top heroes of Kannada cinema coming together for the first time had created a lot of expectation and buzz around this film. But this Hindi remake of the comedy film 'Ishq', lives up to the expectations. Darshan and Aditya both good friends in real life, hailing from palace city of Mysore give a good treat for their fans in the first half.

Soorya (Darshan) is poor while Adhi (Aditya) is affluent. Soorya is in love with a rich girl Lakshmi (Lakshmi Rai) while in first sight Adhi is in love with poor girl Sindhu. Adhi and Lakshmi?s respective fathers are very crooked and they do not like the match because they are opulent in life.

The elders decide on the match of Adhi and Lakshmi, so that the thick friends are separated. But Adhi starts suspecting Soorya on his connection with Sindhu who is actually his girl friend. The insult which Soorya meets disturbs Sindhu and both decide to walk out. The similar plot is stitched to prove that Soorya and Sindhu were innocent. And after a couple of confrontations everything is sorted out and the lovers are united.

Darshan and Aditya have great on-screen chemistry. Darshan silence in the second half earns good applause while Aditya in emotion filled role receives appreciation. Lakshmi Rai has a promising future. She has the perfect figure and looks beautiful. Sindhu Tholani is average. Sadhu Kokila the mediator who sets the things in right condition has given good support. It is not that challenging for Rangayana Raghu and Rajiv.

Harikrishna has given three lovely tunes and all of them have good production values on screen. Anaji Nagaraj camera has etched Austria, Bangkok, Germany and Italy beautifully.

This is an average film.

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