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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 24 August 2002

Movie Title



Sushen Bhatnagar

Star Cast

Arbaaz Khan, Sanjay Kapoor, Aditi, Raveena

By Ad-Lib

Rating: * *

What was most looked forward to in Soch was a sinister storyline and the long awaited return of Arbaaz Khan playing the villain. Unfortunately, Soch was let down by its director, Sushen Bhatnagar, who has made a complete mess of the entire story leaving Arbaaz to salvage the film from total failure.

Soch is the story of Raj Matthew (Sanjay Kapoor) and Om (Arbaaz Khan). Raj is a filmstar whose personal life has been ruined by his wife Madhulika (Aditi Govitrikar), an erstwhile actress who left a promising career in films for marriage. She is obsessed with the thought that he is unfaithful to her and he is always held in doubt. This is what has taken a toll on their marriage. But her fears aren`t unfounded because there is a certain chemistry between him and director Preeti Sardesai (Raveena Tandon). She loves him but stays away from him because he is married. In Raj``s life comes Om, who harbours pain and revenge in him. Tortured as a child by his father, he seeks revenge in his heart and he gets his chance when, in a conversation with Raj, he suggests that it would be a good idea to murder the people who give them pain in their respective lives. Raj brushes the idea off as a joke but also says that it would be the perfect murder. But when Om fulfills his end of the bargain, Raj is stunned and is asked to finish off Om``s father, DCP Natyal. What follows is how Raj gets himself out of the mess he is in and deals with what turns out to be a psychopath from his worst nightmares!

Performances of Sanjay Kapoor and Aditi Govitrikar are not upto the mark despite Sanjay, evidently, having actually put in some effort. Raveena Tandon has done a superb job of holding the moral high-ground but then doing a volte-face when her life is in danger. Arbaaz Khan, however, steals the show as he did in his last film, Maa Tujhhe Salaam. Arbaaz is probably one of the most under-rated actors as of now and this is evident from his superb, realistic and scary portrayal of a mind gone wrong. Director Sushen Bhatnagar has trivialised an interesting concept by mixing the usual song and dance routine in the film. Other aspects of the film are boringly average like the music and camerawork. Overall, Soch, is an effort that has been botched up by its director.

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