Software Ganda

Software Ganda



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 08 December 2014

Movie Title

Software Ganda



Star Cast

Jaggesh, Nikitha Tukral, Kuri Pratap, Srinath, R T Rama

While a bunch of movies, made by new gen actors and directors are being remade in other languages, here are some oldies, who are unable to come out of remake hangover. Romance, comedy with a bit of punch dialogues has become a basic formula for movie makers off late and Software Ganda also joins the league with ease.

The movie is the official remake of Malayalam hit ?My Boss?, which revolves around the story of a boss and her sub-ordinate, who fall in love only to have a happy ending. In fact, ?My Boss? itself was the remake of Hollywood blockbuster film ?The Proposal?.

Protagonist of the film Jaggesh is a graduate, who is jobless from almost a decade, despite passing his degree with distinction. He soon lands in a job at a major IT firm. He finds his boss, Nikhita Tukral very attractive but at the same time she is just too bossy. Nikhita, who is basically a foreign citizen, always ill-treats her sub-ordinates and points out even the slightest mistake. She is suddenly seen getting into visa trouble during the time of her promotion. Jaggesh, who believes that this is the right time to take revenge against her, joins hands with her enemies to make things work.

To save her job and with desperation to get promoted, Nikitha convinces Jaggesh to pretend as her husband so as to stay back citing the reason of marriage. Jaggesh, decides to take advantage of the situation to teach her a lesson. He convinces her and takes her to his native, so that his family would also support for her visa issue, but this is where, Nikita finds out that Jaggesh is a millionaire and his dad was against him working in the company. After spending a couple of days with Jaggesh, she confesses her love to him. No!! The movie does not end here. There is much spice to be added and you have to enjoy the movie on screen to know what tje surprise element is.

Jaggesh steals the show with his comedy timing. Though he does not look like a typical software guy, he has managed to get into the role with ease. Nikhita, wins as a rude boss, and also as a lover and most importantly as a women who learns about family values. Srinath, who plays Jaggesh?s father in the film is tailor made for the role. For Kuri Pratap, this film is sure to help a lot in his future.

Director of the film Venkatesh has done a good job in literally translating the film. Songs are quite boring and Jaggesh-Nikita?s duet songs are a pain to watch.

Over all, the movie is entertaining and worth watching once for the humorous dialogues.

Verdict: Average

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