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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 25 December 2015

Movie Title



A S Ravi Kumar Chowdhary

Star Cast

Gopichand, Regina, Mukesh Rishi, Pragati

Seenu (Gopichand) and Sailaja (Regina) are madly in love with each other. It all started on a train journey from Hyderabad to Tirupathi. But they have two major issues to face. One, Sailaja’s father is an influential political broker in Kolkatta who wants his daughter to marry the Chief Minister’s son.

Sailaja detests this proposal. The second issue is that Seenu’s father is a modest man who wants to stay away from the influential and violent people.

So any proposals for his son from such parties, the father will not entertain. How Seenu will create space for Sailaja in his home and hearts of his people. How his love wins over forms the rest of the story.

We presume that while reading the story itself some of you might have yawned. Imagine the state of the audiences who actually watched this film. When Gopichand and A S Ravi joined hands for this film surely the expectations was very high. By the time one watches this film till interval several questions pop in the mind. How did an actor of Gopichand’s caliber agree for such a script?

The actor seems to be heavily disinterested in the film. He has barely anything to do. It’s a silly role and he has nothing much to do. Regina looks ravishing. She is one reason why one would want to sit through this film.

Regina looks very nice in the songs. The chemistry between them is good. The film has several actors but not one is worth mentioning. Prudhvi’s comedy is nothing to rave about, some of them are too long.

The writer’s team have tested the audiences’ patience with such bad writing. Looks like they thought they can fool the audiences easily the way they have fooled the director and the producer of this film. Some of the spoofs are good, but you can’t see spoof after spoof. There has to be some flow interlaced with good scenes. This film lacks that heavily.

However good the comedy is, minus a good script, it is surely going to fall flat. Director A S Ravi Kumar Chaudhary’s recent movie Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham with Sai Dharam Tej was a runaway hit. It was also appreciated for its interesting screenplay.

After delivering a hit the director seems to have taken the safe route of selecting formula script which was done many times by Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan and Sridhar Seepana. A cliched movie to the ore.

Overall, Soukyam treads on tried and tested storyline interlaced with not so good comedy. There is barely anything that entertains here and it ends up being a yawn.

Rating: Rating: 2/5

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