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Friday 15 June 2012

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Mohanlal,Kaniha, Shankar Ramakrishnan

In his latest film Spirit, director Ranjith has perhaps tried to give a message against alcoholism. Now, the attempts in this direction are so evident that the film ends up having a preachy tone, especially during the second half.

Reghunandanan (Mohanlal), an ex-banker and a hotshot TV show host, is in the process of writing a novel. He is a habitual drunkard, whose hands start shivering, if he is away from the bottle for awhile.

It was his excessive drinking that resultedin his divorce some years back, but he shares a healthy friendship with hisformer wife Meera (Kaniha) and her current husband Alexy (ShankarRamakrishnan). The couple has the custody of Reghu and Meera?s son Aditya akaSunny, who can?t speak or hear.

Reghu, however, is not really bothered about relationships and prefers to live life on his own terms. He rubs some of the mighty and powerful, who comes to his ?live? show, in the wrong way and never regrets it as well. But certain incidents happen in Reghu?s life that prompts him to take some crucial decisions in life.

Now, you can like this film or not, but it can?t be denied that the story here is mostly genuine and relevant. The film has some really nice moments in between, which touches your heart in a big way.

Still, the premise and the script turn out to be pretty shaky at times. In the end, it is a matured performance by Mohanlal that makes the viewer, glued on to the screens, in a big way.

The presentation of drinking as some form of an art form and the peculiar equations in relationships could be dubbed as a bold stance. But the focus of the story tends to get affected after a while and the rather meek looking adventures in the second half takes the zing away to a certain extent.

In his efforts to present a theme that not many would have dared to touch, Ranjith stamps his style in an emphatic way, not really thinking much about the usual ingredients to please the viewer. Venu?s visuals are good and Shahabaz Aman?s music is fine.

With his inimitable style and confidence, Mohanlal gets into the shoes of his character with remarkable brilliance. He gives a certain believability even to some of those over the top scenes and comes up with yet another memorable performance.

Shankar Ramakrishnan (the scenarist of Urumi) makes a nice debut as an actor.Kaniha looks good and watches out for a fantastic performance from Nandu, who plays a plumber. Veteran actor Madhu gets a different look, which is quite nice.

If you are not expecting a high voltage drama stuffed with the usual share of emotions, Spirit can turn out to be a nice experience. It may not bowl you over like some of Ranjith?s brilliant movies and seems to be a bit too long, at nearly two hours and thirty minutes.

Still, this one has been made with noble intentions.

Verdict: Good

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