STR has a ball with Akon!

Last Updated: Tue, May 07, 2013 06:44 hrs

Silambarasan aka STR is all smiles, as he has pulled off the impossible. He had managed to bring internationally acclaimed hip hop recording artist, songwriter and album producer Akon to Chennai. 

(In pic: Akon , photographer Karthik Srinivasan, STR) STR has pulled off the impossible, by making Akon come to ‘Namma Chennai’ to record the final version of his Love anthem. He also shot a traditional video for the song.
After a hectic 48 hours stay in Chennai Akon went back to the US. STR went personally to receive and later drop Akon at the airport. On the way back from the airport after dropping Akon, STR told : “ Akon is so warm, simple, down-to-earth and  generous person. I’m very happy and honored that he took time off his busy schedule to come to Chennai and record an album. It is no small deal, but I managed to pull it off”

Akon’s only connection with India was when he recorded the “Chamak Chalo..” song for Shah Rukh Khan and his RA 1. At that time he had done it as SRK is a superstar and a phenomenon.
Simbu added : “Akon in fact got so many offers from top Indian music directors and actors to sing for them. But  to sing with me is no small deal and he agreed to do so as he loved the Love Anthem song, its message, the beat  and the various languages included in the lyrics.”
STR says he shot the video of the album with Akon at the Binny Mills in Chennai. Akon came to town with his wife and Simbu rolled out the red-carpet for them. He made sure they had a wonderful time in Chennai.

STR concluded by saying: “ The Love Anthem came out very well.  I made him wear our traditional veshti-sattai in one of the sequence and he thoroughly enjoyed it. While recording he was so full of energy and was calling out my name at every given moment. He has promised that he will arrange for a concert in LA this year where I will be singing with him”.