Street Lights review: Strictly for Mammootty fans

For the fans of Mammootty there is quite a bit to cheer about as the superstar flaunts his suave look

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Saturday 27 January 2018

Movie Title

Street Lights review: Strictly for Mammootty fans


Shamdat Sainudeen

Star Cast

Mammootty, Hareesh Perumanna, Dharmajan

There have been many films during recent years in various languages where the overall plot involves a series of incidents happening over a period of time, stitched together in the end. Cinematographer turned director Shamdat Sainudeen’s Street Lights is the latest addition to thelist.

One of the storylines has three robbers stealing a Rs. 5 crore worth diamond chain from the house of a wealthy jewelry owner. Two of them from the gang are comical small time thieves (Hareesh Perumanna and Dharmajan Bolghatty), while the third man (Stunt Silva) is a hardcorecriminal.

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James (Mammootty), the cop who is the one investigating the case, decides to do it in an unofficial way as the chain belongs to his own uncle and it was bought out of unaccounted money.

Then there is a young Tamilian kid named Mani, who comes from a modest background and is mocked by his friends in school about his torn uniform. Another story involves a youth (Soubin Shahir) who runs a beauty parlour, madly in love with a family friend’s daughter, Remya (Lijomol Jose).

As you would have guessed by now, all these tracks are linked to each other in a certain way. And sadly, there are not many surprises in store here. As comedy is often unnecessarily added even during serious situations, the duration of just over 2 hours become a rather tedious one.

Mammootty looks really handsome in his casual dresses and colourful shades, though his role is relatively brief. The hero performs his character quite sincerely but this is not one that would test his genius much, as an actor.

Hareesh and Dharrmajan tries to tickle the funny bone, at every possible juncture, even though they are playing thieves. Soubin Shahir mimics his own style without much effect. The child artiste who played the role of Mani needs a pat on his back for a nice performance.

Street Lights adopt the multi-linear format to narrate a couple of stories, but this one ends up as more of a bumpy ride. For the fans of Mammootty there is quite a bit to cheer about as the superstar flaunts his suave look, but for the rest of world, this one is an average fare at best.

Street Light review - Verdict: Strictly for Mammootty fans

Reactions from Social Media:
PJ Arun Ngl @PJ__Tweets

#StreetLights A neat n simple story.. engaging one.. all cast r did well n asusual mammukka wat a man he is..
Major plus is less expectations n less duration

Sam ir momz.. (DQ) @iamSam_DQ
First Review From Manjeri:
Freshness overloaded!!
Padam Ushaar..
Not only mammookka each and every co-stars done a splendid Job..
Hats off Shamdatt
@mammukka #StreetLights

Forum Keralam (FK) @Forumkeralam1
Director Shamdat makes a promising debut with #Streetlights who gives a satisfactory thriller with enuf elements of thrill and fun.Apart from few lags debutant writer Fawaz manages to do his job.

Breaking Movies @BreakingViews4u
#StreetLights an above average thriller. The script had nothing that demanded the presence of somebody like @mammukka, was a cake walk for him. @silvastunt impressed in his debut outing in a full length role. Watch it if you have nothing else to do or wait for the DVD

Cinema updates @athulmnair1
#StreetLights :
A Movie Released With Zero Hype Surprisingly Turned To Be A Good Thriller , With A Good Climax Which Is the back born Of The Movie overall a watchable flick
@soubinsha & #Hareesh Entertains
@mammukka A Good Debut For #Shamdatt & #FawazMohamad

Prasad Mani @Prasad4718
#StreetLights - went with low hype and expectations from this movie;came out much satisfied. @mammukka nailed it asusual it's a habit of him won't change. His screen(magic)presence has helped this movie immensely. Ikka starts 2018 with a bang... @Mammookka_boys @MammookkaBoys

Morpheus @lionheart_abid
A decent and different attempt.

Sethumadhavan Napan @Sethumadhavan
#StreetLights-surprisingly a pretty engaging thriller & way better than Mammootty's recent films. DOP Shamdat shows promise in his directorial debut. Nothing outstanding about the film, but makes for a pleasant watch at the cinemas.

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