Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 04 January 2016

Movie Title



Binu S

Star Cast

Unni Mukundan, Priyanka Kandwal

There is a scene in director Binu S’ new film Style where a dad, who is working out at the gym with his two sons at their home, talking about getting himself more stamina. The elder son looks at his mom who is there outside and tells him, “add more stamina, but don’t end up giving me another brother.”

Sometime later, while the kids are watching, the dad tells their mother not to come before him and make him lose his “control”!

If you are fine watching this kind of comedy, added with unending slow motions, too much action and a cold-as-an-ice cream romance between the lead pair, you can give this one a try. The makers of the film have already made it clear that the plot is a clichéd one, but is that an excuse to sit through this act of sheer impudence?

Tom (Unni Mukundan) is an automobile engineer, who works in a car garage. His brother Jerry is some 15 years younger to him. Tom’s funny moments with Jerry and his antics as he tries to woo a girl Diya (Priyanka Kandwal) in another case of love at first sight, eats up the first half. 

In between, the villain is introduced. He is a cigar-smoking local gangster named Edgar (Tovino Thomas), whose main love in his life is an old Mustang in which we are told, he was born.

The film is about delicious visuals of beautiful things in loud colours during romantic moments and the hero’s coming of age, when he grows up from a timid youth to a macho man, taking on a dozen baddies with the ease of having a glass of orange juice. Interestingly, the wild looking goons come one by one and become martyrs at the hands of the super-hero.

Is this absurd movie meant to be taken seriously and if not, why should we waste two hours and thirty-five minutes trying to figure out what the makers are trying to tell us?

Unni Mukundan looks handsome and is good in action sequences, but he’s doing it in a wrong film. Priyanka Kandwal ends up as yet another pretty faced girl, who is there just to smile whenever she’s there on screen. The young boy who plays Jerry, talks and behaves more than what a kid of his age should. 

But spare a thought for Tovino Thomas. He is shown as a fiery don and when he gets a chance to speak, which is towards the end of the film, the rest of us know that his threats to the hero will have a life of only some seconds.

Style, made by the director who gave the surprise hit Ithihasa earlier, is one of those movies that have been made with scant regard for the viewer. No problem about such an attitude, if it is enjoyable to those who pay for their tickets and spend so much time at the cinemas. But this one bores you to death!

Verdict: Avoidable

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