Sudani from Nigeria review: Heart-warming and honest

One of the finest Malayalam movies during recent times, steals your heart in a big way.

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 23 March 2018

Movie Title

Sudani from Nigeria review: Heart-warming and honest



Star Cast

Soubin Shahir, Samuel Abiola Robinson

Director Zakariya’s Sudani from Nigeria is about an unlikely friendship that happens in football crazy Malappuram.

Majeed (Soubin Shahir) is the manager of a local football club in Malappuram where the game has such a fabulous fan following. He brings young football players from Africa and Samuel (Samuel Abiola Robinson) is one of the most coveted players in his team. Samuel is actually from Nigeria but the locals brand him a Sudani and has nicknamed him ‘Sudu’.

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The evenings in the local villages have sevens football tournaments played under floodlights in front of packed crowds. Though the players have huge fan following, they live in modest conditions, getting not so impressive pay packets.

Things go quite happily for a while but as fate would have it, Samuel is bedridden after an accident and Majeed has to take care of his treatment and other expenses. Majeed was already struggling financially and now he is in real trouble.

The series of events that follow and the warm affection that Samuel gets from a group of innocent villagers with golden hearts, takes the story ahead.

With a brilliant script by Muhsin Parari and Zakariya, this movie turns out to be a delightful experience with its innate honesty. The scintillating performances, delicious visuals and superb music add to the effect in a big way.

Samuel Robinson has performed quite impressively. In fact, all the newcomers have performed their roles with utmost dedication. But this film belongs to Soubin Shahir, who unveils a spectacular display of his amazing acting ability. He comes up with an extremely matured performance.

Sudani from Nigeria has been competently packaged and is a gripping tale. It’s one of the finest movies that has come in Malayalam during recent times that steals your heart in a big way. Don’t miss this one!

Sudani from Nigeria review - Verdict: Heart-warming and honest.

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Sreedhar Pillai @sri50

#SudaniFromNigeria (Mal), saw a preview. Heart warming tale set against milieu of Sevens Football in a Malappuram village. #SoubinShahir (Premam fame) makes a sensational debut as hero along with Nigerian actor #SamuelAbiola & terrific supporting cast. Dir #Zakariya has a winner

Forum Keralam (FK) @Forumkeralam1
A big shout-out to the director who has done a brilliant study for making it perfect cinematic verve for sure.. Watch out the performance of two gorgeous ladies - standing ovation kind of like performances...Soubin as usual#SudaniFromNigeria.

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