An attempt by Dhanush to do a superstar act

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Saturday 24 July 2004

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Dhanush ,Sindhu Tolani

Sullan is an attempt by Dhanush to do a superstar act. Like any other wannabe superstars, this young hero goes through the familiar grind of beating a dozen goons single-handedly, mouthing punch line dialogues, singing and dancing in exotic foreign locales. (Join: Dhanush fan club!)

The bad news is that Dhanush who has a boy-next-door image just does not fit the bill of a larger-than-life character. It is ridiculous to see the small framed Dhanush take on a dozen thugs and literally fly in the air to deliver those deadly kicks! Sullan?s failing is that it presents its hero as a comic book action hero rather than a real life friendly neighbourhood kid. (View: Picture gallery of Dhanush)

`Subramani` alias `Sullan` (Dhanush), a BSc chemistry student is the son of a corporation garbage lorry driver Mani (Manivannan) and lives in a slum with his sister and mother. He is an irresponsible guy who takes life for granted (similar to his character in Thiruda Thirudi) and is a hero in college. Sullan gets angry at the drop of a hat and beats to pulp anyone who crosses his way.

A gorgeous rich girl in college Kavya (Sindhu Tolani) falls head over heels in love with Sullan for his angry nature!

There is a goon Suri (Pasupathy) who controls the city with his muscle power.

Once Sullan rubs him the wrong way and after a couple of encounters Suri is sent to jail. His henchmen kill Mani and Sullan takes revenge on Suri in the jail (the same Virumaandi jail set) in front of all the policemen in a bloody climax!

The film tests your patience post interval as the director has no story to tell. The film moves in a clich?d manner with no twists or any exciting moments. It has no message for the youth for whom the film has been made.

In fact all his actions are justified in the end by his sister who makes a statement that all Hindu Gods have weapons and they have put an end to evil forces! The climax is too gory and unbelievable with the characters flying in the air (a la Matrix).

There is no justification for Sullan?s actions and Dhanush looks funny than menacing. Debutant Sindhu Tolani looks fresh and is promising but she has nothing to do and her characterisation is so insipid. Less said about Pasupathy the better.

He has repeated the ham act he did in Arul and the recent Machi as he tries to look scary with his eyes popping out and his eccentric mannerisms. The songs by Vidyasagar are lacklustre and the background score resembles a bedlam.

Ramana?s narrative and script are absurd and his attempt to make Dhanush a superstar material has failed miserably. Sullan is all sound and no fury.

Verdict: Disappointing

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