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Saturday 09 March 2013

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Brahma G. Dev

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Written and directed by Brahma G Dev, Sundattam is a violent story of gang wars and how an innocent young man getting sucked into crime for no fault of his.

It looks like the director had a template ready and most of the scenes, locations, characters and even dialogues are inspired from a dozen similar films set in Madurai and North Madras. So what is different? It is the game of carom which forms the crux of the story.

The fundamental problem of the story is that, its plotline is so flat and there is nothing that you haven?t seen before. Prabhakaran (Irfan) is a young man who is a master at the game of carom. He is the typical boy-next-door who does nothing in life but hang around in his area with a bunch of guys, playing carom and drinking beer.

His dad wants him to go to Dubai and work but when he goes to meet the agent, he gets into a small fight with the local guys who are henchmen of a dreaded goonda Bhagya Annachi (Mahadevan). In the meantime, our hero falls in love with his sister?s friend (Arundathi). He is on the run but soon realising his talent for the game, annachi takes him under his wings as he runs illegal clubs in the city. This irks Kasi the main carom player and he wants to take revenge on Prabha.

New boy Irfan is good and has done a neat job and so is rest of the cast. Songs are average but camera especially in the climax fight is laudable. But too much of drinking, smoking, snorting, muted bad language and violence will not appeal to family and lady audiences.

On the whole, Sundattam is not entirely unwatchable.

Verdict: Average

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