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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 30 April 2010

Movie Title



SP Raajakumar

Star Cast

Vijay, Tamanna ah, Dev Gill, Vadivelu

The promos looked like it was just another Vijay film. There was hardly any pre-release buzz around the film. However Sura has turned out to be rollicking fun. Yes, it is much better than any of Vijay?s recent films and can be said to be a time pass clean family entertainer.

Conviction can bring any formula to life, as proved by the story, screenplay and direction of SP Raajakumar. It is a mass formula movie purely chiselled around Vijay?s larger than life image, and packaged to suit the taste of his fans. The cardinal rule of the game is not to look for logic or reason, just sit back, relax and enjoy.

The story is wafer thin and as old as the Kodai hills. The writer director?s presentation of Vijay?s mass image- punchline dialogues, fights, comedy, terrific dance movements, Amma sentiments, rich girl falling in love with poor boy and songs work with the viewers.

Sura (Vijay) is a daring, dashing do-gooder fisherman who is the savior of Yazh Nagar, a fishing hamlet. He loves his mother and helps the poor and needy like buying a dozen pens from a blind couple who are trying to eke out a living. A rich girl Poornima (Tamannaah), who tries to commit suicide (because her dog has gone missing!) by walking into the sea, is saved by our hero. Yup, she falls madly in love with him after seeing his large heartedness and his kind nature!

Enter villain, Samudra Raja (Dev Gill) an old fashioned smuggler and now a minister. He wants to grab the land where the fishermen huts are situated and build a theme park there. The rest of the story is all about how Sura using his brains and tact defeats Raja?s machinations and walks into the sunset by the sea holding the hands of his lady love.

Phew! This story has been cyclostyled a thousand times by filmmakers down the ages to make Tamil formula films from the days of MGR, Rajinikanth and now Vijay. There is nothing new in the story, but it is all about packaging and the charisma of its hero.

Take a chill pill, and enjoy the amazing screen presence of Vijay, the one man entertainment troupe. Ranging through a wide field of comedy, dance and song, action and son-mother sentiments, the star shines in this outrageous masala dosa of an entertainer that will surely appeal to a broad spectrum of his fans.

Tamannaah like all heroines in superstar movies is pure eye candy- looks cute, wears revealing outfits and dances with him in foreign locales and seems to be enjoying it. The new villain Dev Gill (Maghadheera fame) is menacing and is a welcome addition to North Indian ?bad guys in Kollywood.?

Vadivel seems to have run out of ideas and his comedy track sticks out like a sore thumb. Songs of Mani Sharma are apt for the film with Thanjavur Jillakari? being the pick of the lot. Ekambaram?s wide angel shots of the blue ocean are eye catching. The film at 167 minutes could have been trimmed by 10 minutes.

On the whole Sura is a roller coaster ride of pure unadulterated masala.

Verdict- Paisa Vasool

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