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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 25 January 2010

Movie Title



KM Chaitanya

Star Cast

Chetan, Regina, Nasser, Ramakrishna, Ganesh Yadav,

From an off beat film ?Aa Dinagalu to full length commercial, film director KM Chaitanya has travelled successfully in giving a convincing film. He disprove the notion that art film director cannot make commercial flicks. There is a fine mixture of talent, content, music and cinematography. The deserving factor was the tight screenplay and some punching dialogues.

Rohit (Chetan) an orphan brought up by international criminal Stalin (Ganesh Yadav) looks like Surya (Chetan again). Surya is educated in United States of America. Rohith and Surya return to Bangalore airport almost the same time. Mistaking Rohith as Surya he is picked in the car on the advice of business tycoon Appa Saheb assistant. But the actual Surya dies in bomb blast after minutes Rohith leaving the Bangalore airport.

Surya mistaken as Rohith is killed by Stalin rivals. It becomes inevitable for Rohit to pretend as Surya as circumstances force him. He is given briefing of his childhood in the board room by Appa Saheb. Rohith who is Surya is fixed the first responsibility to convince Kanthi (Regina) his childhood friend daughter of his boss.

Kanthi against to the new relationship her father is planning, is staying with her grandfather Malanna Bahadur (Nasser) house in Belgaum where Rohit as Surya comes to stay. The sentiments and love factor play vital role in the life of Surya changes his attitudes. To save the generations? cotton mill and its employees from distress Surya takes up a task to find huge money in Goa Casino.

This decision of Surya confirms Stalin that it is only Rohith who can loot such a huge amount and no one else. The international don Stalin returns to Belgaum on a twin mission to kill Kanthi and meet Rohith who is Surya. Rohith pretending as Surya encounters Stalin, whether Rohith as Surya join Kanthi are the final reels of the film.

Regina is a treat to watch. She is a good performer and has lovely looks. Chetan is very bright and his Kannada accent is a problem to hear. Nasser, Ramakrishna, Ganesh Yadav given admirable support.

Maestro has given one peppy tune in the beginning of the film and two melodious tunes Mouni Naanu?..and Edeya Bagilu Thattadhe Olage Bandeya?..HC Venu capturing of Uzbekistan, Goa and Belgaum is another cynosure of this ?Suryakanthi?.

Verdict ? Passable

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