T D Dasan Std VI B

T D Dasan Std VI B


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 18 April 2010

Movie Title

T D Dasan Std VI B


Mohan Raghavan

Star Cast

Biju Menon, Shwetha Menon

With no loud statements, buffoonery or gimmicks that we usually see in every other film, debutant director Mohan Raghavan's T D Dasan Std VI B is a little gem that could perhaps shock you with its inherent honesty.

The story begins when a young boy named T D Dasan, who lives with his mother (Shwetha Menon) in a sleepy village in Palakkad, writes a letter to his dad who had walked out of their lives a few years back. He had got the address from his mother's old trunk box.

But as fate would have it, the letter reaches an ad filmmaker named Nandan (Biju Menon), who is now living at the address in Bangalore. In fact, Dasan's father Divakaran was the driver of an earlier resident there.

Nandan ignores the letter but the innocence in Dasan's lines affects his young daughter, Ammu. She starts writing replies to Dasan, as if they were written to him by his dad. The young boy is excited at the thought of having found his dad, but things take some dramatic turns soon after.

Though the director succeeds in taking the story ahead during the first half in a touching way, he seems to move a bit too much into a philosophical tone towards the film's climax, which is a bit intriguing. The film handles certain social issues like one modeled on the 'Plachimada issue' and it has been handled without getting into preachy tones, which needs to be appreciated.

In general, the director has narrated the story in a style other than the conventional lines usually seen in Malayalam cinema, which itself is a refreshing aspect. The young actors, Alex (Dasan) and Teena Rose, have done an excellent job and gives amazing credibility to their respective characters.

Biju Menon has done his role quite remarkably and Shwetha Menon surprises yet again with her histrionic skills, in a deglamorised role. The supporting characters done by Suresh Krishna, Jagathy Sreekumar, Mala Aravindan, Valsala Menon and Shruthi Menon looks good but Jagadeesh hams it up at times with his highly predictable style.

The other main highlights of the film are its cinematography by Arun Varma and the music by Sreevalsan J Menon. The editing by Vinod Sukumaran needs a special mention as well.

As the adage goes, good things come in small packages and you will realize the relevance of the statement while watching T D Dasan Std VI B. It is a rather nice attempt and the writer-director's sincerity needs to be appreciated. The film is less than two hours long and has some really fine moments which make it a worthy experience!

Verdict: Good

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