Taana review: Below-average

Taana review: Below-average

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Critic's Rating: 1.5/5

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Movie Title

Taana review: Below-average


Yuvraj Subramani

Star Cast

Vaibhav, Nandita Swetha, Hareesh, Pandiarajan

Vaibhav's Taana is a lackluster film that tries too hard to entertain with its convoluted plot and plodding screenplay.

Sakthi(Vaibhav) is the only son in the family of cops but he refuses to join the force due to his voice disorder. Yes, if Sakthi gets anxious or tensed, he speaks in a female voice! The film is all about how Sakthi overcome his shortcomings and join the police force only to find the criminals behind the murder of an innocent girl.

Vaibhav shouldn't have accepted two films with a similar theme. A few months back, his sixer featured him as a youngster who suffers from night blindness and now it's puberphonia.

Apart from the unique voice disorder, there is nothing much to rave about the film. Vaibhav sleepwalks throughout the film, Nandita Swetha struggles in a weak role and Hareesh Peradi once again irritates us to the core with his monotonous body language and mannerisms. Pandirajan, Uma Padmanaban, and even the ever-dependable Yogi Babu disappoints.

Technically Vishal Chandrasekhar's music is strictly average, cinematography by Shiva is below average, and the editing is incoherent that the film is all over the place.

To conclude, Go check it out but dump your expectations at the entry of the theatre.

Taana review: Below Average

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