Taapsee: I’m still the ‘Pink’ girl for the Bollywood audiences

Last Updated: Mon, Jun 10, 2019 21:05 hrs
Taapsee is happy being an outsider in Bollywood

Taapsee started her career in South and appeared in a lot of mainstream commercial films before moving to Bollywood where she picked up content-driven movies. 

“I was never meant to be an actor. When I was experimenting with my life, took up the acting job and chose a lot of films by trial and error method. In fact, I learned acting and filmmaking process only through the films which I did in the South. But slowly from the experience I gained, started picking only good scripts in Hindi and understood what one shouldn’t do in the industry”, says Taapsee in an exclusive interview to Sify.com

Taapsee is now all set to return back to Tamil and Telugu films with her new release ‘Game Over’. “The reason why I couldn’t do a lot of Tamil and Telugu films is that producers from the south approach me just two months before the shoot whereas Bollywood production houses lock my dates for six months so I lost a lot of projects. Also, I was doing films which I really wanted to do in Bollywood but the scripts which offered to me in the south weren’t in that zone”, she says.

In Game Over, Taapsee plays a game developer who is also interested in retro games. “Basically I’m a software engineer and even created applications for my final year project in engineering so in a way, I could relate the character in Game Over. Moreover, as a kid, I was very much into the video games which we have shown in the film. Yes, the games which I play in Game Over are the ones which we all used to play as kids and there is a reason for it. We haven’t given the gamer backdrop to the female protagonist for the sake of it”, adds Taapsee who says that she had never read such a script in her life and the theme is also quite unique.

“I said yes to the film mainly because of the story, concept, and screenplay. Though I’m doing a lot of interesting films these days, Game Over is a unique film for sure”, says the Badla actress.

When asked whether the entire film is based on her character. “Fortunately or unfortunately, you have to only see me in the film. Even in Badla, there was no other option in scenes where Bachchan sir was not there”, she laughs.

The actress says there wasn’t any pressure while saying yes and acting in Game Over. “But when I started promoting the films, all I see is ‘Taapsee in Game Over’, which actually mounts a huge pressure and it’s nerve-wracking. Earlier, I used to feel happy that I have some market in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi but now it has become a huge pressure and added responsibility”, says Taapsee who also adds that they only wanted the film to be released in Tamil and Telugu but later after watching the output, Hindi has become a bonus for the makers.

Taapsee says that she is still the ‘Pink’ girl for the Bollywood audiences and it’s a career-defining film for her. “Just like how people call me as Irene(her character name in Dhanush’s Aadukalam) here in Tamil, I’m still the Pink girl for the Bollywood audiences, they connected with me and accepted me as an actress only through that film. Pink also gave the idea of what audiences expect from me, it gave me a direction to choose my future films”, explains the actress on how Pink changed her life.

Taapsee says her Manmarziyaan director Anurag Kashyap recently saw Game Over. “Ya Anurag saw the film and all he told me was to continue choosing such good films whereas my director Ashwin got all the appreciation and love. I could sense Anurag’s touch in Ashwin’s filmmaking style”, she says.

The actress is also game for commercial films in the south. “But if they take my character out of the script, it shouldn’t remain the same. There should be some significance to my character. For example, I didn’t play a full-fledged role in films like ‘Baby’ and ‘Anando Brahma’ yet those characters were significant and audiences remembered me while walking out the theaters”, says the actress.

Just when Taapsee moved to Bollywood, a lot of quality female-centric films released in the south. “It’s cheaper and quicker to make. But if the content clicks, producers can reap good profits. The one recent Tamil female-centric films which I really loved was Aruvi”.

Taapsee also confirmed that she was in talks for Endrendrum Punnagai director Ahmed’s new film with ‘Jayam’ Ravi but she is waiting for the producers to confirm the news. “I’m also planning to do at least one film every year in the south”, the talented actress signs off.

 By Rajasekar S