Takkari Donga

Takkari Donga

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 21 April 2003

Movie Title

Takkari Donga



Star Cast

Mahesh Babu, Bipasha Basu,Lisa Ray,Rahul Dev

By Moviebiz

Nearly two decades ago the then superstar Krishna did the first cowboy film in Telugu Mosagallu Mosagudu, now his son rising superstar Mahesh Babu has come out with Takkari Donga, the new millennium cowboy film. If you like cowboy films, then Takkari Donga is Andhra style, set somewhere in our desi Arizona with the cowboy hats, houses, and villains and on the whole is a great entertainer.

Please suspend your belief for three hours of fun and fantasy. Who cares if the Grand Canyon in Arizona has a village called Palasapaadu, where villagers travel on horse back and speaks Telugu? In this Telugu wild west, they move around in horseback with guns in hostlers, leather pants, wild west bars and girls, timber cottages and vast expanses of the brown Arizona deserts. The director Jayant has done his homework well and dished out a faithful reproduction of a cowboy film

There is nothing new about the story, which is as old as the Nevada hills-a hero, two buxom beauties and the regular villains. Raja (Mahesh Babu) is a petty thief and a bank robber who is wanted dead or alive by the local sheriff. Shaka (Rahul Dev), the villain is on a killing spree and has badly injured Veeru Dada (Asok Kumar), who gives tips to Raja on which bank to rob. Panna (Bipasha Basu) is also after Raja so that she can steal all his money. Meanwhile Veeru Dada fearing that Shaka would catch him asks Raja to take his daughter Bhuvana (Lisa Ray) to his brother Dharma?s place. Raja is given a diamond as a reward for doing this job. Thus Raja and Bhuvana starts a long trek through the Arizona deserts followed by Panna, the sheriff and other bad guys. The rest as they say will unfold on the screen.

Jayant has done decent job and has shown technical wizardry, as each shot is well taken and for this, the veteran cameraman Jayanan Vincent ably assists him. The aerial shots and song picturisations are mind blowing. Mani Sharma?s music is peppy. Mahesh Babu as Raja looks great as a cowboy. Bipasha Basu and Lisa Ray provide enough glamour and Rahul Dev as the bad guy has a good screen presence.

On the whole Takkari Donga is hot?n? happening. It is pure pop-corn entertainer.

Verdict: Mega Entertainer

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