Tamaar Padaar

Tamaar Padaar



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 04 October 2014

Movie Title

Tamaar Padaar


Dileesh Nair

Star Cast

Prithviraj, Baburaj, Chemban Vinod Jose, Srinda Ashab

A few characters with curious names, some good lines thrown in between, a devoted hero with a funny accent and some elements that could have been developed by someone more talented? Debutant director Dileesh Nair?s 'Tamaar Padaar' never goes beyond all these basics.

With a rather lengthy intro that promises a lot to the viewers, the film starts on a positive note, but it?s all forgotten midway. The entire first half describes the stories of a street circus performer named Jumper Thampy (Baburaj), another one named Tube light Mani (Chemban Vinod Jose) and a prostitute named Valsamma (Srinda Ashab). Though the characters are interesting, nothing much happens in the story and the patience of the viewers is tested with boring scenes peppered with suggestive dialogues, which often becomes nauseating.

The first half ends with a shot of ACP Pouran (Prithviraj) and we wait for things to get better in the second half. It is only with sheer disbelief that we can sit through this film that lacks any fizz whatsoever.

'Tamaar Padaar' had to live up to great expectations after a promising trailer, but ends up as a colossal bore. Dileesh Nair, who has co-written the Aashiq Abu films Salt N? Pepper, Da Thadiya and Idukki Gold, disappoints big time in his debut venture as a director. Alby?s visuals and Bijibal?s music are good.

One can only feel sorry for Prithviraj, who has done his part with all honesty. But his efforts go in vain with this badly written and incompetently executed film.

Baburaj is impressive, while Srinda Ashab?s character is clich?d. Chemban Vinod Jose, who was terrific in the recent Saptamasree Taskaraha, is okay at best.

'Tamaar Padaar' limps from the word go, with a half-baked script and amateurish direction. The film has some moments here and there that shows promise. Go for this one only if that?s all you want at the cinemas!

Verdict: Below Average

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