Tamil film producers and directors try to occupy the YouTube space!

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 09, 2019 17:15 hrs

The new trend in Tamil cinema is that producers and directors are trying to occupy the already crowded YouTube space. While various ethical questions are raised against popular YouTube reviewers, now a lot of producers and directors have forayed into the video streaming platform.

Filmmaker turned comedy actor Manobala has started a YouTube channel named 'Manobala's Waste Paper' and trying his best to interview his friends and share his viewpoints. Producer and column writer Dhananjayan has started sharing his point of view on the trade, film appreciation and also interviewing celebrities in his own channel 'Cinema Central'.

Veteran filmmaker Bhagyaraj is reviewing films for a popular website and now,he has also started his own YouTube channel. But the big question is does the arrival of these veterans take away the fame from the existing reviewers on the YouTube space? We have to wait and see..