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It was a gamble that paid off: Dharani
By Moviebuzz
Dharani`s new film Gilli is the first biggest hit in the last 10 years!

A.M.Ratnam and director Dharani, with their marketing techniques have made Vijay’s Gilli an all-time blockbuster. The trade says that the film is the biggest hit in the last 10 years and the collections will cross Padayappa and Saamy. Dharani, the showman of Tamil cinema speaks to

You have done the impossible, a hat trick of hits in Dhill, Dhool and now Gilli.
(Smiles) When I predicted that Gilli would be a bigger hit than my earlier films nobody believed me. And now it is extremely satisfying. I cannot ask for more. (View pictures: On the sets of `Gilli’)

Did you make changes in the script of the Telugu original Okkadu?
Yes. It was a gamble that paid off. I made Gilli more racy than the original with small changes in the climax. When Bhagayaraj saw the film he congratulated and told me: “If Gilli had flopped everyone would have blamed you for making the changes. But you have risen to the challenge”. This was indeed a pat on my back. (Read review: `Gilli’ is entertaining)

Tell us something about the Gilli wave in Tamilnadu?
Why Tamilnadu alone, at the Wembley theatre in London with temperature below 10 degree about 500 to 600 Tamilians had to go back due to non-availability of tickets! In Columbo too the film took a great opening and is the best in the last five years! In Kerala the film is doing better than any mainstream Malayalam film. And In Chennai Udayam complex Gilli was screened in all the four screens in the opening weekend. At Tirunelveli, the theatre had to show five shows due to the unprecedented crowds. Gilli has broken MGR’s Adimapen record of more number of people seeing it in the first week.(Read: `Gilli` takes a great opening)

So what would be the profit?
Sorry, I can’t tell you the figures as producer Ratnam will be in trouble. Suffice to say Gilli is the biggest hit in the last 10 years!

So will it break Padayapa’s collections of Rs 27 Crore in Tamilnadu?
No comments (Laughs loudly). Remember that IT people are reading!

Will the film withstand the Arul attack this week at the box-office?
The Gilli gale is unstoppable as it is the king at the box-office.