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The Story is partly autobigraphical: Selvaraghavan
By Moviebuzz
Selvaraghavan changed the placid world of Tamil cinema with Kathal Kondein, a path breaking film which made a star out of Dhanush, his brother. The core strength of the film was its story and Selva believes that the script is bigger than any star. Now leading producer A.M.Ratnam has given him a free hand with 7-G Rainbow Colony which also happens to be the launch pad of his son Ravi Krishna. Selva is right now one of the hottest directors in the industry and in a tete-e-tete with he opens up

7-G Rainbow Colony- The title itself is catchy and innovative..
I lived in K.K.Nagar, a colony in Chennai during my childhood. During my adolescent age I had lot of experiences as I came across many people from different religion, culture and customs. I have tried to etch out the story from my interaction with these people.(Read Review: Rainbow Colony will remain in our hearts)

So is the story autobiographical?
Yes, it is partly autobiographical as the incidents are based on what happened in my life and how it affected my life. My first love, my relationship with my dad who was more like a friend to me and small incidents that happened have been used with cinematic license in an entertainment format.View Gallery

What is the plot of the film?
The story as told in the caption “A boy who turns into a man” is what the film is all about. Kadhir is normal guy who is struggling to pass his exams. He falls in love with his neighbour, a Punjabi girl Anita which leads to complications in his life. (smiles) The trouble is that the girl does not have the same feeling as the boy and it is only 15 minutes before the climax that she starts loving him. The climax is the highlight of the film.

What about the much talked about toilet scene? Was it necessary?
As a director my script is more important and the scene was you are talking about was an integral part of the story. It is a scene to underline the intimacy between the lead pair and there is nothing vulgar or obscene in it.

Are your films more script-driven than star-driven?
100 percent true. Stars are only secondary to a script and I will not start a film unless a proper script is ready. After all it is not the stars, but the characters that they portray that the audience will identify with. Ravi Krishna as Kadhir has done an excellent job.

Why are your films basically catering to the youth?
I have a message for them in my films. They are the future hope for our nation and they are the people who should be focused. My characters are normal guys whom you can relate to and is one among you all.

How confident are you about the success of the film?
I am bullish about 7-G Rainbow Colony. My producer A.M.Ratnam wept after seeing the first copy and hugged me. Ravi Krishna and Sonia Agarwal have done a fantastic job and Yuvan’s music is excellent. All that I can say now, is that I have worked hard and would like to believe in the saying that “Hard work pays”.