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K.S.Ravikumar- Giving hits, his speciality
By Moviebuzz
K.S.RAVIKUMAR is Tamil cinema's big-budget survivor. At a time when the industry thinks that small budget movies with new comers is the future, Ravikumar still trusts only the superstars. He is the number one commercial director who has made huge box-office hits like Muthu, Nattamai, Avvai Shanmukhi, Padayappa, Tenali, Villain which were not only blockbusters but also got rave reviews. His last film was Ethiree, a film that was also a hit with Madhavan in the lead. And after Jaggubhai, a film with superstar was abandoned, Ravikumar was lying low, but has once again bounced back by announcing his latest film Godfather with Ajit in the lead. Excerpts of an interview with the director

Is Godfather inspired from Francis Ford Coppolaís classic?
It has nothing to do with Coppolaís Godfather. My film is about a business tycoon and his twin sons and all the three roles are done by Ajit. We thought Godfather has a good title value. And thatís why the title.

So can we expect all the masalas associated with a Ravikumar film?
(Smiles) Absolutely, it is a typical mass entertainer and will strike a balance between style and substance. My combination with Ajit has worked in the past and I have the support of a dream team this time.

Can you elaborate on the team?
The film is produced by Nic Arts Chakravarthy. Music is by A.R.Rahman and art director is Thotta Tharani and camera is by P.C.Sreeram and lyrics are by Variamuthu.

You combination with superstars like Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan, Sarath Kumar and Ajit have always worked well in the past Please comment
Maybe they trust me and think that I can deliver the goods. Like a master tailor I try to cut the film to suit their image and play to their strengths. Superstars are commercially more viable than making films with newcomers. They are easy to handle and know their job well and the producers are unlikely to lose.

But what happened to Jaggubhai?
Rajnikanth went on changing the story and when we finally settled on a script he wanted to make more changes. This went on and on till one day he told me that he saw Aapthamitra, a Kannada film and was keen to do a remake of that. I donít like to fight with superstars and thus decided to make a graceful exit.

There seems to be a lot of rancour in your words...
I spent six months on Jaggubhai project and all the effort went to waste. I also lost out on doing Vasoolraja MBBS remake as it was first offered to me. No further comments.

How confident are you about the success of Godfather?
Godfather will be a blockbuster as the script is powerful and Ajit in a triple role will be the highlight. Asin and a Mumbai model are the heroines. The film has all essential ingredients like great action, sentiments, romance, comedy and six songs tuned by Rahman.

Why do you make an appearance in all your films?
(Ha..Ha..) Just for the heck of it. Maybe Alfred Hitchcock influenced me.