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"I am 100 percent satisfied": Kala Master
By Moviebuzz
Kala Master, the top choreographer in south Indian cinema has recently completed the climax song for Rajnikanth’s Chandramukhi with Jyothika and Vineeth at the Ramoji Rao studio in Hyderabad. In a quick chat, Kala shares her experiences to

About Jyothika:
She is the most dedicated artist that we have today. I would say that she is the first actress to bring expression in dance movements. I have just completed the climax song for Chandramukhi, which is the most difficult and crucial scene in the whole film.

So you have choreographed this difficult dance number…
I was so happy and elevated when director P. Vasu sir called me up and said that only I could do this difficult song! It was very challenging for me, and I consider this particular song as a bench mark in my career. There are other dance masters also in the film and I have done only this particular song.

Can you elaborate a little more…
I believe that in the Malayalam version, this song is a very slow number. In Kannada it is slightly fast but in Tamil, music director Vidyasagar has given a 5 minute racy fast number, sung by Binny Krishnakumar, a new singer and Tippu. This song which is also the theme music in the film is surely going to rock and be a chartbuster.

But there were reports that Jo could not get the steps right as she is not a trained classical dancer…
She may not be a trained classical dancer but no one can match her self confidence and determination. According to me, that’s enough for a person to make the impossible, possible. Jo worked hard and she took just 4 days to complete the song which any other artist would take more than 7 days. She is a kind of girl who will not sleep well until she is happy with her portion. That’s the kind of fiery determination that she has towards her work.

So are you happy the way the song has shaped out?
I am 100 percent satisfied. We had seen it at the editing table and even Rajnikanth sir was amazed by the way Jo has transformed herself into a typical south Indian classical dancer.