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`It is my hat trick`: Jayam Ravi
By Moviebuzz
Jayam Ravi is on a roll as his new releaseDass has been declared a hit by the trade. Ravi is happy to be referred to as a hat trick hero following the success of his last two films. In this interview Ravi opens up. Excerpts

How is Dass faring at the Tamilnadu box office?
Today (August 2) I had been to Thyagaraja theatre, Tiruvanmayur in suburban Chennai with a seating capacity of 1200 seats and the noon show on a working day is houseful! What more proof do you require to prove that Dass is a big hit? The Coimbatore distributor who first took 14 prints has increased it in the second week by another 10 prints.

So you are saying that the film s a super hit?
Yes, Dass is a super hit and it is my best opening so far, better than my last two films.

Now you have joined the big league of hero’s with an opening at the box-office?
(Smiles) I am happy about it, but remember that I worked hard for it.

The action scenes in Dass are the highlights. How did you manage to do all that?
I have to thank my action choreographer Rocky Rajesh for that as I am receiving a lot of accolades for it. And I had done some scenes without a dupe. For the role, I practiced football under a coach and watched a lot of videos to understand the nuances of the game and took a close look at football gimmicks and stunts.

Your detractors say that even Dass was ghost-directed by your brother Raja closely monitored by your dad? Please comment?
It is a canard spread by vested interests and the story and direction was entirely done by Babu Yogeswaran. Of course before the shoot, I had consulted my dad and brother who made their suggestions for the betterment of the film. My brother understands my pluses and minuses which help when the screenplay is written.

What are your forthcoming releases?
In a weeks time I will be completing work on Mazhai which will probably release in September. Then I will be doing the second schedule of Saran directed, Idaya Thirudan. And in September my brother Raja will start work on the remake of Nuvvustane…from Telugu for Srilakshmi Films. After all these projects are completed I will be doing a film under our home banner for which dad is looking for a suitable script.