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"I am excited to be a part of `Sivaji`": Vivek
By Moviebuzz
Vivek, the “Comedy King” of Tamil films is going through a rough patch since he decided to deviate from comedian roles to become a full-fledged hero with Solli Adippen, which never saw the light of the day! During this time, his contemporaries like Vadivelu has zoomed past him and a fresh new set of comedians have entered the scene. After appearing in record number of films and shooting round the clock for the last two years, 2005 was pretty bad year for the actor with only a handful of releases.

Vivek had a quite birthday on November 19 and later he spoke to Moviebuzz in this exclusive interview

Where were you all these days?
While shooting an action scene for Solli Adippen, I lost balance and fell off a bike. The ligament on my right leg was torn and I was undergoing treatment. Added to that, all my attention was on this film directed by SAC Ramki, which is yet to be completed. I do agree that it was a mistake that I rejected many good offers that came my way.

Why did you decide to turn away from comedy roles to become a hero?
This was not an instant decision, as a lot of film makers had approached me in the past to do a hero’s role. And I was impressed with the script of Solli Adippen and agreed to do it. If the film was completed and released on time, I would have emerged like Dileep in Malayalam doing comedy based hero roles. Sadly Solli Adippen is stuck due to some financial problems.

But this delay affected your market as a comedian with superstars?
Yes I agree that I lost out a few good projects this year. But now I have realized my mistake it and is working hard to get back to business. Currently I am doing Aadi with Vijay, Saravana with Simbu, Paramasivan with Ajit and Tiruttu Payale with Jeevan and Sonia. And the big news is that I have given 90 days call sheet to Shankar for Sivaji with Rajnikanth.

You must be excited to be a part of Sivaji?
Of course, it is a great thing to be working with Superstar Rajnikanth. I had worked with him ten years back in Veera. I missed out Baba, as I was busy with Shankar’s Boys. Now I am all excited about this film for which I have given bulk dates.