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`I donít write scripts for heroes`
By Moviebuzz
Today is Gautham Menonís birthday. Gautham struck box office gold with Minnale the minty cool love story and then Kaakha Kakha, a romantic action cop story, which redefined the aesthetics of Tamil commercial cinema.

An Engineering degree behind him, Gautham has established his position as a filmmaker of substance after just two films to his credit.After his much hyped Chennayil Oru Mazhakalam was shelved and the much written about production hitches, his Kamal Hasan-Jyotika starrer Vetayadu Vilayadu is finally complete with post-production work in full swing. Gautham in an exclusive chat with Moviebuzz.

Many happy returns of the day. We at wish you all the bestÖ
Thanks a ton.

Now tell us about Vetayadu Vilayadu? How has the film shaped out?
As you all know, it is another cop film, but more into investigation than encounters like in Kaakha Kaakha. There will be plenty of action and thrills in the film that was shot in New York and Chennai. We have made the film slick and technically superior with some romance thrown in. It was my dream to direct Kamal and he plays his age. Harris Jayaraj's music and background score is a major asset. Now post production work is in full swing and the film will release on April 14.

Today being your birthday, how do you plan to spend the day?
The shooting for my new film titled Vilai Uyirendraalum is starting today and it will go on from morning to 6 pm in the evening. Sarath Kumar is the hero with Shobana and Jyothika as the two leading ladies. It is again a different love story with some twists..

Could you tell us the one-line story of Vilai Uyirendraalum?
(Laughs) My story is just one-line and if I tell you that, then nothing is left.

But why did you choose to do a film with Sarath Kumar and not a young hero?
Let me tell you that I donít write scripts for heroes. This story needed a mature hero who is middle aged. Vikram could have done the role but I thought that Sarath was the right choice. When I told him the script, he jumped at it and readily gave me immediate dates. Shobana is one of the finest actors in our country. Tabu and Kamalinee were also considered but no one can replace Sobhana as the character I have conceived in my script. Then Jo too plays a crucial role.

So where is today's birthday bash?
It will be a quiet birthday. We will be shooting the whole day and in the evening, I will be taking my family out for a private dinner (smiles).