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"Vishnu's script did the magic": Bharath
By Moviebuzz
Bharath is on cloud nine after Pattiyal took a good opening and the film has been declared a hit. The young hero with no godfathers in the industry has come up due to his hard work and determination. The boy wonder of Boys and Kathal, has once again proved with Pattiyal that he is a star in the making. Shooting for Shankar’s new movie Veyil directed by Vasantha Balan from its outdoor location in Virudhanagar, Bharath spoke to Moviebuzz ..

Congrats! Pattiyal has taken a great opening and your performance is getting a lot of critical acclaim…
(Burst into laughter) Pattiyal has taken a great opening and I am glad that our hard work paid off. I would say that this success goes to each and everyone in the Pattiyal team.

How were you convinced to do a two hero subject?
It was not easy for me initially but after speaking to Vishnuvardhan I was totally convinced though most of my friends and well-wishers were against the idea. They said that it was suicidal for me to do a two hero subject after proving myself as a solo hero. But I was determined and now after seeing the film I give 100 percent credit to Vishnu.

What do you feel was responsible for the success of the film?
I think it was undoubtedly Vishnu’s script. Both the characters Koshy and Selva have well-etched out roles and let me tell you that I wouldn’t be able to do Koshy’s role and vice versa. Arya was superb with his powerful eyes, long hair and above all his good physique.

You seem to have a great rapport with Arya?
Yes that showed in the film also. Actually we vibe very well and had a great rapport off-screen too. And let me tell you that it was my rapport with Vishnu also helped the film a lot. As my character was a deaf and dumb Arya had to speak a lot which made Selva character very subtle and when this mute guy takes revenge it came as a big surprise for the audience. I would say that this was the twist in the story. Most of the people thought that the meek Selva would die and Koshy would take revenge. All credit once again goes to Vishnu and his script.

How did you prepare yourself for the role of a deaf and dumb Selva?
I had long discussions with Vishnu and he had very clear idea about how Selva character should shape up. I visited Little Flower deaf and dumb school near Anna Flyover (in Chennai) and spend a lot of time observing and speaking to them. I tried to learn sign language and everyone including assistant director Neelan helped me a lot.

You had an image make-over with Pattiyal. Please comment?
Yes… it was not a deliberate attempt from my part. But Pattiyal was a launch pad for me as an action hero. After proving myself as a lover boy.. the film gave me a chance to prove myself as an action hero.

What is your next film?
Right now I am shooting for Veyil directed by Vasantha Balan. My next release on April 14 will be Azhagai Irukkirai Bayamai Irukkirathu, a love fantasy directed by Vijay Milton. It is a fresh and colourful love story. I think like Vijay’s Poove Unakage , this film also delves into the pain of love and it has shaped out extremely well.