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K S Ravikumar: A landmark film
By Moviebuzz
He has worked with all the top guns in Kollywood, is renowned for completing his films in record time, has the best success ratio in the industry and is a producerís dream. K S Ravikumar has given us some memorable films like Tenali, Panchathantiram and Padayappa among others. He has done over 35 films in a career spanning 18 years. And now, on the eve of the release of his most ambitious film Dasavatharam, he is cool and composed. met with him at his office in T Nagar, Chennai. Excerpts from the interview:

Why do all the stars adore you?
[Smiles] I am glad to know that. I have no ego hassles with the stars and am open to suggestions from them, which I incorporate in my films. I adore all the artists I have worked with like Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan, Vijaykanth, Sarath Kumar, Arjun, Karthik, Prabhu, Vijay, Ajit, Madhavan and Silambarasan. And, by the end of the year, I will be working with Vikram, too. I think you should ask the stars themselves why they adore me.

How different is Dasavatharam from your earlier film?
Dasavatharam is the first film I took a long time to make. It is different from what I have done so far and Iím happy with the final product. I assure you that it will be a landmark in the history of Tamil films and we can be proud of it.

Tell us about Kamal Hassan?
Kamal sir is magical. This is my fourth film with him and the previous threeóAvvai Shanmughi, Tenali, Panchathantramóhave been super hits. Tell me another actor in the country who can portray 10 roles in one single film? To watch him in these 10 different roles is worth your ticket money.

Can you elaborate on the story of Dasavatharam?
All I can say is that it is an action adventure with a nice message imparted in an entertaining manner. In a nutshell, the film encompasses our concern for the environment, science and faith. My strategy has always been straightforward and simple story telling with maximum entertainment.

What are the major highlights?
Undoubtedly it is Kamal sir's 10 different roles. Each character that he has donned has a different kind of colour and skin tone, which required different kinds of make-up, and he spoke in 10 different dialects. Asin is outstanding. Ravi Varmanís camerawork and Prabhakaranís art direction is fantastic.

The action, chases, graphics and special effects are mind blowing. Brian Jennings, Hollywood's leading visual effects supervisor (VFX ), has done an amazing job especially with the Tsunami scene in the climax. The music of the film by Himesh Reshammiya is also a hit.

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Which is your favourite song in the film?
I love all the songs but my personal favourite is Kallaimattum kandal and Ulaganayagane

You do a cameo in all your films. Have you done one in Dasavatharam, too?

I did my first cameo when an actor who was supposed to do the role didnít turn up. Since then, just for the heck of it, I appear in all my films.

How big a hit will Dasavatharam turn out to be?
Nobody can predict the commercial success of a film. However, the film will have a minimum guarantee. But seeing the advance booking and the buzz around the film, I feel it has the potential to be a super hit.