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By Moviebuzz

Tamil cinema is going through a crisis as all films are crashing at the box-office. The top three stars Vikram, Vijay and Ajit have become too expensive for an ordinary producer. And the hunt for a new hero to fill in their boots seems to have ended with Surya.

Surya has the best line-up of films and probably the finest directors in the industry backing him. His rates are reasonable and he is a committed actor, more interested in the role he does. He is not bothered to see if the character has enough heroism! Gautham Menon’s Kaakha Kaakha, Bala’s Pitamagan, Mani Ratnam’s Ayudha Ezhuthu, Fazil’s next Tamil film, and Sasi’s latest untitled film - Surya has a lot to offer in future. He spoke exclusively to about his forthcoming films and plans for the future. Excerpts:

Q: There is a lot of buzz around you as you have signed Mani Ratnam’s new film. How do you feel about it?

A: When Mani sir called me up and we had a meeting, I agreed blindly to do the film. I have no idea about the story or my role in it. But when the master calls for the student you just say “yes”.

Q: You started your career with Madras Talkies.

A: Yes. I was launched by Madras Talkies in Nerkku Ner directed by Vassant sir. That was a big break for me.

Q: How is Kaakha Kaakha shaping out? And will it be a turning point in your career?

A: I play the role of a police officer in the film. It is a real portrait of a cop and even the songs are all montages. Director Gautham has given the film a stylish look and it is surely a dream project.

Q: But is the film a remake of Aamir Khan’s Sarfarosh?

A: It is not a remake, but my role as the sincere police officer in Kaakha Kaakha was inspired from Sarfarosh. Unlike Aamir, I am wearing police uniform in the film. We are all very happy that the film is shaping out well.

Q: What is your role in Bala’s Pitamagan?

A: All that I can say is that the role is very crucial and I am spotting a ‘new look’ for the film.

Q: What is your criteria for choosing a role?

A: I am fascinated by my character, rather than larger-than-life cardboard super hero roles. I give importance to the story and presentation. Sometimes things go awry, like when the director narrates the story you feel it is good. But the final product does not reach anywhere near what you had expected. So everything depends on your luck.

Q: How is your lady love, Jyothika?

A: (Smiles) No comments!