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Marriage is not a priority now: Uday Kiran

The success of Neeku Nenu Naakku Nuvvu has put Uday Kiran back in the spotlight. He looks more relaxed these days. Uday talks about his tough times....and also about his future plans.

You were on low ebb in the last few months...
In the last six months I passed through very difficult moments, which were taxing both mentally and physically. I am happy that itís over. I am starting my career in a fresh way.

Why did the much-publicised engagement with Chiranjeeviís daughter end?
We didnít gel together. Each of us had our own ideas of life, which did not match. We thought itís better to call off our engagement rather than wait for things to happen. The entire episode has taught me some great lessons. It has made me strong and has made me understand life better.

Was that the only reason for your breaking up?
There is no point in talking about that as it is over now. I still have great respect for Chiranjeevi and have cordial relations with him even now. I tried to call him a couple of times, but I couldnít get him.

What about rumours about your alleged marriage to your girlfriend who happens to be a journalist?
They are all rubbish. There is no truth in them. Marriage is not a priority now. There are two more years for that. People are floating unnecessary rumours to malign me. I want to concentrate more on my career.

Your future films?
I have films directed by Arpudhan, Samudra, N Shankar and others. Arpudhanís film is a youthful film with an interesting love story. It highlights the intricacies of love in a funny way. New heroine Divya Khosla plays the lead.

Are you doing a Teja film?
I am not in a hurry to catch some director and book him for a film. I would like to work with people who vibe with me. Negotiations are going on with Teja. The project may begin early next year.