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'Gharshanaa' is far superior to 'Kaakha Kaakha': Gautham
By Moviebuzz
Gautham was a former assistant to director Rajeev Menon before he shot to fame with his debut film Minnale in Tamil which was later remade into Hindi. The film worked wonders and was a run-away hit. But it was Kaakha Kaakha, the police story that made him a household name.

The story line, realistic characterisation, and enticing music are the hallmarks of Gautham's movies. The screenplay, which is cohesive and fast at the same time, blends well with colourful cinematography, producing the effect that has a touch of elegance to it. The talented director is giving the finishing touches to his first film in Telugu Gharshanaa, a remake of Kaakha Kaakha releasing next week. He speaks exclusively to Sify.Com

Gharshanaa is getting excellent pre-release reports. Please comment.
Is it? Good. Right now we are finishing with the post production work. The film is likely to release on July 22 or 23.

Is it a faithful remake of the original?
The content is the same though technically Gharshanaa is far superior to Kaakha Kaakha. We have not copied every scene from the DVD and I feel that it has an edge over the original. (Discuss: Venkatesh a mature actor than Surya?)

How is Venkatesh and Asin, compared to Surya and Jyothika in the original?
Venkatesh suits the role better as he is much more matured than Surya. We have portrayed him as a police officer with experience and not as a guy just out of the academy. I should say that he is brilliant. Asin has also done a very good job. Salim, a newcomer is doing the role that Jeevan did in KK. He has done a role in a Teja film earlier.

Are the tunes of Harris Jayaraj same as in Kaakha Kaakha? How is the response?
Two new songs have been added to the album. The first night song and the heroine’s introductory song are different. In fact the picturisation is also different. All the songs are chartbusters and is on everybody’s lips.

What happened to the Hindi remake of the film?
I will be producing it with Sunny Deol in the lead. Nothing else has been finalised and I will start the film sometime in 2005.

What is your next film after Gharshanaa?
It will be Chennayil Oru Mazhakalam with Surya and Asin in Tamil. Then I will be doing another film with Kamalhassan produced by Kaja Moideen of Roja Combines, with Harris Jayaraj’s music.