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"I am choosy about scripts": Gopichand
By Moviebuzz
Gopichand made his debut in Tollywood as a hero in Tolivalapu but soon returned as the menacing villain in Teja’s Jayam which was a huge hit. In fact the Tamil remake also was a blockbuster and Gopichand became a star overnight. This success was followed by films like Nijam and Varsham both hits in which he played negative roles.

Soon Gopichand decided not to be typecast as villain and became hero in Yagnam, which is followed by Andhrudu released this week. An interview with the actor

What is your opinion about Andhrudu?
I was very impressed even when I saw the rushes of the film. I have to thank K Viswanath for his tips in acting that helped me a lot. The camera by C Vijaya Kumar is an added asset to this film. My character of 'Andhrudu' would be different from the characters that I have done so far. If the role in Yagnum was a rough village youth, in this film my character is that of a sophisticated guy with city backdrop. The fights are all realistic.

Tell us more about the film?
The story is partly set in Bihar. It was not easy to shoot in the interior villages of Bihar where after dusk no one dares to step out. We shot over a week, in Patna, at the crowded railway station and in the nearby villages. Contrary to the general belief, the film is not a faction fare or total action flick. It is a love story set in a different backdrop and identifiable.

Why did you decide to turn a villain from a hero and then back to a hero?
It is simple. My first film as a hero flopped. It was at this time that the role in Jayam came through and I accepted it. In films, once you are successful similar offers pour in and I was not interested to be type cast. At this point, I got an offer to play the lead man in Yagnam. It clicked and here I am.

But the trade says that you are choosy?
(Smiles) yes, I am looking for good scripts. Today’s audience cannot be taken for a ride and unless we give them fresh subjects with innovative presentation they will not go for it. So I am careful in choosing my films.

You were flooded with offers from Tamil after the remake of Jayam in Tamil was a blockbuster…
Yes. Jayam in Tamil was a huge hit and a lot of offers came my way from there like the villain roles in Ghillli (remake of Okkadu) and Mazhai (Remake of Varsham) . But I was busy with my Telugu projects and had to politely refuse them.