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Pretty girl Ashasaini is one of the very few upcoming actresses to get an opportunity to display her versatality within a short span of two years and currently she is the only sought after Mumbai actress in Telugu filmdom.

After bouncing back with Chala Bagundi she played a negative role in Sardukupondam Randi, a phenomenal hit and a light-hearted role in Anthamanamanchike. The oomphing glamour girl of Manasuna Maharaju has cut down on glamour roles and is picking up meaty ones unlike her predecessors who confined themselves to glamour and cut short their careers. And now after the super hit Balakrishna's mega-buck movie Narasimhanaidu all the big stars are showing interest to work the talented actress. Her forthcoming attractions are Saikumar's ,Rowdy Sheeter and ace director Ravi Raja's Subakaryam with Naveen. Recently she has signed her maiden Hindi film to be directed by Aakashdeep of Ghath fame which would commence soon. Excerpts from an interview with Ashasaini:

Q: Were you nervous about the release of the biggest film Narasimhanaidu in your career?
A: I was very confident about my character since it has two shades to it. I am fortunate to get a such a prominent role despite having two other heroines Simran and Preity Zinghania. I am a playful girl in the first half who chases her uncle Balakrishna but after the demise of his wife Simran my character turns serious and I try to pacify him. My ambition to work with big stars has commenced with this film and it was nice working with top star Balakrishna. It's a very complex subject and it was bound to be a blockbuster.

Q: It is learnt that you have been signed for Nagarjuna's film?
A: Unfortunately it didn't materialise due to prior commitments; meanwhile they had finalised another Mumbai girl. I don't want to talk more about it but I do regret missing such a big offer. If I had adjusted dates it could have affected other producers so I felt that being professional is more important than doing a big film. I am looking forward to work with big stars too.

Q: You played a retarded girl in Chala Bagundi and a negative role in Sardukupodam Randi and a light-hearted role in Anthamana. Did it happen on its own?
A: I am really fortunate to get such varied roles at the initial stage of my career and in this regard I should thank EVV for giving me such a memorable role in Chala Bagundi. Apart from re-launching career it showcased my talents and Krishna Reddy offered me Sarduku. Despite negative shades its stupendous success brought me critical acclaim and Anthamana extracted comic traits in me. I enjoyed playing all of them. Industry is taking me as an actress seriously and approaching me with meaty roles.

Q: Are you making your debut in Hindi?
A: Director Akashdeep signed me for his forthcoming film and I recently participated in photo shoots for the film. Making my debut in Hindi is like a dream come true for me and I am eagerly waiting for the commencement. It can start sometime in March after finalising other casting but my priority would be for Telugu films.

Q: Surprisingly you are sought for meaty roles instead of glam roles like your predecessors and how good are your future projects?
A: I am also thrilled to be recognised as an actress but I can't sit idle for such roles to come my way. Nevertheless both Subakaryam and Rowdysheeter are nicely etched out characters. Apart from songs they have ample scope for performances too. I have three projects to be signed and all of them are slightly different from the regular female characters.