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Pawan Kalyan
With five consecutive hits Pavan Kalyan is the new superstar in Telugu film horizon with his last release Badri grossing more than 12 crores. Despite having a wafer-thin story line it sustained at the turnstiles purely on his charisma and it again proved the range of his committed fan following reminding the star power of his big brother Chiranjeevi. After a disastrous debut Akada Ammayi Ikad.. he found his moorings with two big hits Gokulamlo Seetha and Susvagatham. He became a heartthrob of millions of girls with his realistic portrayal as the introvert lover boy in blockbuster Tholi Prema. Later two more blockbusters Thamudu and Badri catapulted him to the big league of 'five' stars and his next release Kushi is eagerly awaited by his fans and it is slated for release in April. Already buyers are clamouring with money backs but producer A.M. Ratnam who is remaking his Tamil hit Kushi will talk business only after completing the film and he has retained director Surya for the Telugu version too. Only grievance among the producers is that he calls the right producer on his own for a particular film instead the other way round and his detractors declared Badri a flop on the first day itself but they had to eat an humble pie when it raked in 2-crore plus moolah in its 100 days run.

"My elder brother is my inspiration and if not for his encouragement I wouldn't have been so successful” claims Kalyan, bestowing the credit for his stardom on the shoulders of his elder brother and megastar Chiranjeevi humbly. Initially the young actor wanted to become a director since his introvert nature was stopping him to appear before the camera. If not for the persistence of his sister-in-law (Surekha) Chiranjeevi wife he would have ended up as another director but when every member of the family gave him confidence he made his debut with Akkada Aamaiy but it bombed despite being promoted well. After the disaster did he ever thought that he would become a superstar? "You may not believe but from my first film I wasn't really expecting anything from my films except for doing my job perfectly. Also it is unfair to give credit only to the hero since every member of the unit from the set carpenter to director contributes to the success. After completing one film I move on to my next film and I don't keep tab of collections and also I don't believe in number games". When other stars are unwilling to bet money on debutant directors Kalyan prefers to work only with new directors. Young director, Karunakaran, Puri Jaganath, Arunprasad are now quite busy after getting a break with Kalyan. "Since I am also young I feel that I will have a better wavelength with debutants and all of them who I have worked with are definitely talented for now I would continue doing films with freshers".

He called up Burgupalli and gave him Thamudu and latter offered Badri to veteran producer Trivikarama Rao and rest of the producers are eagerly waiting to get a call from the Pavan. "I choose a producer with a hunch feeling and I don't have anything against others' clarifies the new badshah of Telugu filmdom. Producer A.M.Ratnam has aptly signed Kalyan for the remake of his Tamil hit film Kushi and except for the muhurat, Kalyan hasn't spoken about the film till date. Ratnam said "We retained the same title since it aptly reflects the youthful mood of the film and it would be full-length entertainer. Manisharma has given us good tunes and we hope it repeats the success of original film". Except for English press like Screen, Times of India and The Hindu, Kalyan has kept away from the regional press though the editors of the Telugu film magazines are close to Chiranjeevi. While his brother likes to keep company of media but younger one shuns both print and TV media for reasons best known to him.

He could surprise everyone by wielding a megaphone for a film soon and industry was ripe with rumours about his directing a film with Venkatesh. "We did discuss few details but it is too early to talk about it”, claimed Venkatesh giving some credence the rumours. After amply proving himself as a charming youthful prankster before the camera now it remains to be seen how is going to display his directorial abilities.

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