'Teraa Surroor' review: Excruciating!

'Teraa Surroor' review: Excruciating!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 11 March 2016

Movie Title

'Teraa Surroor' review: Excruciating!


Shawn Arranha

Star Cast

Himesh Reshammiya, Farah Karimi, Naseeruddin Shah

A dreaded gangster that you cannot take seriously (partially because it comes in the form of Himesh Reshammiya), a nondescript story, a shaky villain, and watered-down romance - these are some of the things that make up Teraa Surroor.

We see Raghu (Reshammiya), a gangster/undercover assassin, in love with singer Tara (Farah Karimaee). Tara has no idea of his profession, happily thinking he's a car dealer or some such.

When Tara is invited for a performance to Ireland, she is falsely implicated in a drug case and imprisoned. Now Raghu takes it upon himself to rescue her and bring her back to India.

In doing so, he meets several people (veterans hired to lend weight to the film). He takes the help of famed criminal Santino (Naseeruddin Shah) who tells him how to go about the plan of rescuing Tara. His lawyer (Monica Dogra) enlists the help of her influential ex-husband (Shekhar Kapur) to further help Raghu. Kabir Bedi plays an Indian top cop.

Meanwhile, a mysterious villain is shown in silhouette playing one instrument or the other - working the drums in one scene, serenely playing the flute in the other. It is this multifariously talented, and frankly more intriguing, villain that our stone-faced hero needs to weed out.

So the story's a dud. It really is, even after the hero's back-story and villain's identity is revealed.

The finale has something to do with a, gulp, 'full-city lockdown' to search a small-time and only alleged drug-dealer.

Now we come to Himesh Reshammiya, about whom the only positive thing that can be said is his possession of a strange, even enviable form of delusional confidence. I was surprised to find that this is his tenth film as an actor. Throughout the film, he has the same expression on, whether he's killing somebody (and he does kill a lot), or chilling in a nightclub, romancing or feeling depressed. One wonders WHY he has been give so many monologues, some of which have words that echo! Reshammiya is ok in the action scenes. At one point, some people whom he's fighting rip off his shirt to reveal his gym body, and you wonder if that's the whole point of this film.

Model-turned-actor Farah Karimaee fares better and has screen presence to compensate for limited acting prowess. And she fits the bill of the exotic, non-Indian, model-like heroine, whom the hero aspires for.

The stellar supporting cast appears to make the film bearable for those few moments. Naseeruddin Shah is superb as the criminal who has escaped from 14 jails, but now chooses to stay imprisoned in an Ireland prison. Shekhar Kapur, with his impish smile, is a delight for those few moments onscreen. The talented Shernaz Patel deserves better roles.

Director Shawn Arranha adds in dollops of unsubtle nationalism in the film. Like the scene where someone mocks that Indians aren't adept at shooting (why that is interpreted as such a big insult, is puzzling), leading our floppy-haired hero to indulge in some nationalistic dialogue-baazi, with a gun in his hand, and retaining the above-mentioned expression (scroll up for details).

Arranha also makes the villain deliver his backstory monologue with echoing words. Heck, even TV soaps don't do that (or do they?). The only thing worse, at that point, is the background score.

This film is an experience. And strictly meant only for Himesh Reshammiya and fans.

Rating: 1 star

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