Thaaka Thaaka

Thaaka Thaaka



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 28 August 2015

Movie Title

Thaaka Thaaka



Star Cast

Vikranth, Bose Venkat, Abhinaya

Vikranth’s Thaaka Thaaka is a regular revenge thriller with some top notch visuals but the execution is pretty average and clichéd, which has made the film a tiring watch.

Childhood of Sathya (Vikranth) is very tragic as he sees his own mother getting murdered by a pimp (Arul Doss). Years later, Sathya grows up as an intrepid young man and has a trusted friend, Karthik. Everything goes well until Karthik’s girlfriend (Abhinaya) gets kidnapped and Sathya should save her. In the process, Sathya encounter his mother’s murderer yet again and the rest of the story tells us whether he rescues the couple or not.

To be honest, the first fifteen minutes of the film is top notch with some great visuals and heart tugging narration. The problem starts with the present portions as the flow takes backseat with ordinary dialogues and predictable screenplay. As the film progress, the second half gets accelerated with some unexpected twists and turns but again the climax is too lengthy and unfortunately, we couldn’t establish an emotional connect with the movie.

Performance wise, Vikranth has improved a lot but the actor has to work on his body language and expressions to reach greater heights. Among the rest of the actors, Bose Venkat and Arul Doss steal the show while the others are just adequate.

The film’s greatest strength is Sujith Sarang’s stellar cinematography; the visuals are superb stylish, especially the color tone in the flashback portions is scintillating. Songs by Jakes Bejoy are pass muster but the composer’s background score is laudable.

Director Sanjeev’s idea of making a stylish revenge thriller is laudable and the film definitely has some high moments but the predictable screenplay spoils the show.

Overall, Thaaka Thaaka is yet another average Tamil film with glossy cinematography which is a one time watch.

Verdict: Average

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