Thaen review: A hard-hitting emotional drama


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Critic's Rating: 3.25/5

Friday 19 March 2021

Movie Title

Thaen review: A hard-hitting emotional drama


Ganesh Vinayakan

Star Cast

Tharun, Abarnithi

Director Ganesh Vinayakan's Thaen is a hard-hitting emotional drama that talks about how a section in the society is still unable to get basic medical facilities. The filmmaker also questions the system, the corrupt system, heartless media, the namesake social activists, and the people who only share the sufferings of others in social media, but refuse to help the needy in any way.

Velu (Tharan) is the man you have to call in the hilly village if they require rare honey for medicines. He voluntarily helps the people around him even if they are unable to pay him. Impressed with his helping tendency, Poongodi (Abarnithi) falls in love with Velu and they eventually get married although the local village leaders are against the marriage as they cannot get the auspicious nod from the God of the hill.

Life goes well for Velu and Poongodi until suddenly the latter falls ill due to unbearable stomach pain. Velu rushes to the city hospital along with Poongodi along with his mute daughter. In the intermission, we get to know that Poongodi is almost dead and her condition is not curable.

Earlier Velu and his neighbors in the hill village refuse to move to the city so, they have earned enough wrath from the Government officials, who now refuse to give him the citizenship documents like Aadhar, Voter ID, and hence, he unable to get the insurance required for the further treatment of his wife. 

The biggest highlight of the film is the realistic performances of Tharan and Abarnithi. Despite the slow-moving screenplay, you get attached to the lead characters because of their vulnerability and the ordeal they face in the hospital. Though the film appears melodramatic on a few occasions, the proceedings will surely melt your heart and bring out the tender side of us in many places.

Despite the serious set of scenes, Bava Lakshmanan's satirical take on the system engages and evokes laughter in the second half.

Cinematography by Sukumar is another big plus for the film that gives us the Mynaa vibe. Overall, Thaen will send shock waves about our society and how it affects the vulnerable section in the country. Don't be surprised if your eyes turn moist in the climax.

Verdict: A hard-hitting emotional drama







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