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Saturday 20 May 2006

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Sundar C, Jyothirmayi, Prakash Raj

There are only two ways that gangster movie could shape up. It could be terrific or could be terrible. Oscar Films Thalainagaram directed by Suraaj is closer to the latter as it drags and drags for nearly 2 hours 45 minutes.

One wonders why a comedy director like Sundar C decided to launch himself as an action hero, probably because the current trend is films with rowdies and gangsters as protagonists! And in the film he has a fancy name, Right (?) a hitman who is into extortion and killing for a North Madras don Kasim Bhai (Judo Ratnam). Right?s right hand man in crime is Balu (Bose Venkat) and his love interest is Diya (Jyothirmayi). Due to a misunderstanding, Bhai?s only son gets killed by Balu on the orders of Right, which leads to a conflict.

AXN Action Awards A good police officer (K.S.Ravikumar) asks Right to turn a new leaf which he does, but there is a bad and evil cop (Prakash Raj) who wants him to come back to crime. This leads to a final shoot-out as nemesis catches up with Right in the end!

As usual Sundar C and his former assistant now turned director Suraj has ripped off the story from Priyadarshan?s 1992 Mohanlal gang war film set in Mumbai Abhimanyu. The film lacks a solid script to hold it together with far too many loses ends. K.S.Ravikumar who is given a stylish introductory scene later vanishes from the proceedings. Jyothirmayi is a total miscast as she cannot dance nor has the necessary oomph to go with the character she plays.

Vadivelu?s comedy track is a dampener as it slows down the tempo and is a total waste. The film swings between the past and present and at the end of it, we feel that Suraaj should have never made an action film instead opted for a comedy genre. D.Imman?s music is a big letdown. The only silver lining is Sundar C?s performance that is credible. He has done his best by not playing to the galleries and there is no shouting, yelling or typical heroism associated with gangster movies.

On the whole Thalainagaram lacks substance and is worth a skip.

Verdict: Disappointing

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