Thamarai: Vijay Sethupathi should do Prabhakaran biopic, he shouldn't become a traitor

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Last Updated: Thu, Oct 15th, 2020, 11:41:27hrs

Famous lyricist and Tamil activist Thamarai took to her Facebook page to express her view on Vijay Sethupathi's decision to act in 800, the biopic of cricketer Muthiah Muralidharan.

"When Muralidharan started playing for Sri Lanka, there were many criticisms. But Thalaivar Prabhakaran magnanimously said that let's not hinder his game, we should only think that a Tamil boy plays in the team. Had he said one word against Muralidharan, his sports career would've ended there", said Thamarai.

"If Muralidharan is just a cricket player, no one would've questioned Vijay Sethupathi's involvement in the biopic. Even if he calls himself a citizen of Sri Lanka, we don't care. But the problem is when our women were searching their lost sons after the war, he called it a drama. He said that the last day of the war is the sweetest day of his life. He has not only become a Sri Lankan but also became a politician who supported his Government in the political drama. Sad that a professional actor like you didn't notice his other side. This also tells us that Muralidharan is a better actor than you that he can act in your biopic", added the lyricist.

"We all know what Ettappan did, now his name has become synonymous to a traitor. You shouldn't become a traitor", said Thamarai who explained that she is not fighting in the battlefield but works hard to use only Tamil words in her songs. "I wouldn't call that my decision has caused me a great loss. Being a Tamil girl, I just contributed my part to my language. We never searched for our sons and daughters on the battlefield, we didn't apply medicines for their wounds, we didn't even become a piece of cloth for the dignity of women like Isaipriya so opting out of a film and not writing a song wouldn't become a big loss. When you and I die, we would be praised as a brave woman and man. If we don't have such pride, why we should care about food, outside beauty and inside beauty?", asked the lyricist.

"Muralidharan is saliva, we should only spit it, it shouldn't fall on us and wet our body. PS: A great actor like you got facial features of someone else(she posted a pic of Prabhakaran). You play Thalaivar Prabhakaran's role and then, watch the appreciation you get for your decision. I've posted the pics, get ready to play the lead in his biopic", said Thamarai.



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