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Friday 24 February 2006

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Madhavan, Pooja, Biju Menon, Manivannan

Thambi lives in the age of rage. Madhavan plays Thambi an honest-to-goodness guy who like a chameleon changes into a head-banger of violence and unchecked anger when he sees injustice around him.

The anger-soaked Thambi?s agenda is to reform the baddies and not to take revenge on them, even the villains who had wiped off his family! Well that is the redeeming feature of Seeman written and directed film. Seeman?s protagonist has been culled out of Che Guvera the legendary revolutionary and LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran affectionately known as Thambi!

Thambi is a do-gooder in his area, a local ?goonda? with a heart of gold, runs a stitching centre for the destitute women with no home, fights injustice, advices people to turn into a new leaf. Well, like any other anti-hero, Thambi too has a past- a predictable and clich?d one told in a flashback. But Thambi believes in non-violence and does not turn vengeful and swears to make the killer Sankarapandian alias Annachi (Biju Menon) into a nice guy!

Is there any action film in Indian cinema without a heroine? Here it is Archana (Pooja) a college student who is madly in love with our hero. Then there is Manivannan who chronicles the life and times of Thampi (Remember Rajesh had done a similar role in Ajit?s Red?) Biju Menon is apt and does the routine villain act and why was Vadivelu a part of the film, as he hardly has any scenes?

Ultimately your heart goes straight to Madhavan who recently played the cool and suave Flt Lt Ajay Rathod with such style and ?lan in Rang De Basanti. However Maddy has tried hard to shed that classy image he has, which is like a mill stone around his neck. Here he has to do the angry young man act as per Tamil commercial film norms like yelling, hamming and eyeball popping act! Remember that the same Maddy was a revelation in a similar ruffian role with a subdued performance in Mani Ratnam?s Aayitha Ezhuthu.

Dialogues or punch lines of Seeman are to give a mass image for the hero like ?Naan ippo yenna seiya? Gandhi solli thirundhalai, naan sonna vaa thirundha porey? . And finally Thambi?s justification for his acts is- ?Open heart surgery is a not a crime but a cure?. Vidyasagar?s music is adequate with some soothing melodies and art direction by Mani Raj is commendable.

On the whole, Seeman?s intentions are noble but could have been told in a more realistic manner.

Verdict: Average

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