Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 03 February 2016

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Dhanush, Amy, Samantha, Raadhika

Here is a delightful film which is packaged as a neat family entertainer with commercial elements in the right proportion.

At 121:23 minutes, director Velraj delivers a clean film with textured characters and poignant moments. Thangamagan is Dhanush's best film since Velai Illa Pattadhari as it has more of a story as well as greater coherence and emotion than his last two films-Anegan and Maari.

We are introduced to the main characters straight away without any big noise, slow motion or loud music of a big-hero entry. Tamizh (Dhanush) is a carefree youngster who lives with his dad (KS Ravikumar) and mom (Raadhika). Tamizh’s best friends are Kumaran(Sathish) and cousin Aravind (Adith) and they hang out all the time until Hema D’Souza (Amy Jackson) enters the scene.

It is love-at-first sight for Tamizh but very soon a small misunderstanding separates the love birds and he gets married to Yamuna (Samantha). Tamizh’s life is complete and blissful till his dad’s suicide shatters him. Now the young man has a mission to find out the ugly truth behind his dad's suicide.

Thangamagan rests completely on Dhanush’s shoulders and he carries it to the winning post with his herculean talent. He turns on the charm in full heartthrob mode. He’s pitch-perfect as the ideal son, lover and husband. Among both the girls it is Amy Jackson who has a better role and it’s such a pleasure to see a Tamil film heroine not playing a damsel in distress. She  looks charming and doesn’t hit a false note. Without the props of glamour or song ‘n’ dance, Samantha in a homely role is impressive. 

KS Ravikumar and seasoned actress Raadhika shines in their respective roles as Dhanush’s parents.  Sathish, who comes as Dhanush’s friend evokes good laughter with his funny one-liner in the first half while Adith and Jayaprakash are just adequate.

Anirudh’s BGM and songs Oh Oh.. and Jodi Nilave.. are a major plus for the movie.  Editor Rajesh Kumar has to be lauded for the crisp 121 minutes. If there are problems with the film, then  it is the slow pace and few predictable situations in the second half.

But despite these small flaws, we recommend that you see Thangamagan. It has qualities that you don't find in movies too often these days: a heart, charm and grace. It is poignant and touching. It will make you laugh and cry.

Verdict: Good

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