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Saturday 31 August 2013

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Ram, Baby Sadhana, Poo Ramu

Thangameengal is an honest and brave attempt by director Ram, though not in the same league as his Katradhu Thamizh. It is a simple, heart-warming tale of love and bonding between a father and daughter, told in a high pitched melodramatic way.

The highlight of the film is location, eyecatching camera work by Arbhindu Saaraa and outstanding BGM and soul stirring music by Yuvan Shankar Raja especially ?Aanandha Yazhai..? song and picturisation.

The location itself lush green hills, pretty streams and a railway track with frequent sound of passing trains inside a wooded area is a character itself in the film.

Against this background the story of Kalyani (Ram) a good for nothing fellow whose life revolves around his 8 year old daughter Chellamma (Baby Sadhana), who has dyslexia and learning disability. He and his wife (Shelly Kishore), who fail to acknowledge their daughter's problem, live with his father (Poo Ramu) a former headmaster and mother (Rohini).

For Kalyani, his life revolves around his daughter and nothing else matters. It leads to complications as Chellamma is unable to cope up with her workload in the private English medium school that she attends. Kalyani?s father does not approve of the way he is bringing up his daughter which leads to further emotional complications.

Ram has definitely made a brave attempt at making a film without any stars or commercial compromises but it is too loud, preachy and highly melodramatic. Every character shouts at his top of his voice, without realizing that parental care is required to solve the issue.

At times your sympathy goes to the characters around Ram and his daughter, because they are more normal and believable. How come Chellamma a problem child in the middle of the night goes to a nearby pond? The idea seems to be milking audience sympathy and make it a tear jerker.

On the whole, it is an ok film, high on melodrama. Among the recent crass comedy capers this one stands out for its sincere effort.

Verdict - Good

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