Thank you

Thank you



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 16 June 2013

Movie Title

Thank you


V K Prakash

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Dhwani, Sethu

Director V K Prakash's Thank You is a bargain basement version of the fantastic Bollywood film, A Wednesday, made in 2008, added with a twist inspired from another Hindi film, Dhobi Ghat, made two years later.

Jayasurya plays a serious looking man. He is wearing a beard, glasses, kurta and a bag going around Trivandrum city in an auto. He plants bombs at various corners of the city and the city police commissioner (played by Mynaa fame Sethu) does the customary march-past and then lead the cavalcade of some white cars, in search of the culprit.

The cat and mouse game goes on for sometime before the hero reveals his side of the story. Well, we can list out the loose ends in this meek misadventure, but they may be spoilers for those who still want to watch this disaster on screen.

There are some dialogues, which sound surprisingly silly, as they have little connection to the sequences. Like this one: ?When Messi scores a goal there is one person whom we forget. The one who passed the ball on to him??

Okay, then what about the ones who started those moves? About the coaches who trained the players, who groomed them and the list can go on and on. This is perhaps the problem with some of these kinds of films; they often tend to be disturbingly superficial. No wonder, this script by Arun Lal is such a mess.

And there are more comic situations where V K Prakash continues with his self-promotion adding some mentions to his earlier films like Beautiful and then about himself as well. At one end there are the double meaning dialogues and then there are some pseudo attempts to sound genuine.

For this, the easy option for the filmmakers is to casually mention some burning issues. Then men and women in designer outfits, sitting inside the cool comfort of their air conditioned homes, driving swanky cars and always fretting about fitness, start shedding tears about the suffering natives where authorities dump the waste, incest victims or the agonies of some sections after being evacuated from their homeland; all during their spare time!

The issues are genuine for sure and need public attention and support as well, but what the hero does here is an intelligent solution? These kinds of ?popcorn activism? may be convenient for some filmmakers but do they expect the viewers to applaud them, just by playing national anthem in the end?

One of the characters in the film laments in between, ?Why is only our land like this!?. But then, why do you make half-baked copies like these, when we all have seen far better originals, folks?

Jayasurya tries a bit too hard to look serious and concerned. Sethu looks totally out of place especially when he has to act funny or when there are lengthy dialogues to deliver. Honey Rose aka Dhwani has nothing much to do.

Thank You is a lazy effort, which looks fake and boring. Even though the duration of the movie is just above 100 minutes or so, you may end up cringing in the seats after a while.

Thank You, but no Thank You!

Verdict: Below Average

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