Thanneermathan Dinangal review: A cute little gem

Thanneermathan Dinangal review: A cute little gem

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Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Monday 29 July 2019

Movie Title

Thanneermathan Dinangal review: A cute little gem


Girish A D

Star Cast

Vineeth Sreenivasan, Mathew Thomas, Anaswara Rajan

Debutant director Girish A D’s Thanneermathan Dinangal is about certain happenings in the life of a school kid.

Jaison (Mathew Thomas, earlier seen as Franky in Kumbalangi Nights) behaves like a super brilliant and studious school kid initially. His friends look at him with awe. But soon it all changes as his marks do the talking and ends that façade.

He now has a gang of friends, who are so naïve and funny. They enjoy watermelon juice at the nearby shop and share their concerns. 

Jaison is madly in love with Keerthy (Anaswar Rajan), his classmate. But when she turns down his proposal, he is deeply affected. To add to his woes, a new Malayalam teacher named Ravi Padmanabhan (Vineeth Sreenivasan) comes to the school and becomes the hero for everyone else, but not for Jaison. The tussle between Ravi and Jaison takes the story ahead. 

Girish has packaged a cute little gem here, which is a simple tale, but with its heart in the right place. With some winning performances, especially from the young artistes who are amazingly natural, the film hits all the right notes. The visuals and the music are really good.

Vineeth Sreenivasan plays the quirky teacher in a brilliant way. He is loud and humorous. Mathew Thomas comes up with a superb show is quite a talent and so are the young actors, who play his friends. Anaswara Rajan is terrific. The rest of the cast, which includes Irshad, Shabareesh Varma and Nisha Sarang are really good.

Thanneermathan Dinangal is mainly depending on a well packed script with beautifully created situations and superb dialogues. This one may not be perfect but who cares, it keeps you eminently entertained. Go for it!

Thanneermathan Dinangal  review : A genuinely cute entertainer

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