The Dolphins

The Dolphins



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Movie Title

The Dolphins



Star Cast

Suresh Gopi, Anoop Menon, Meghna Raj

There is a smart ploy that Anoop Menon had adopted while scripting ?Trivandrum Lodge?, some years back. Almost the entire film will have masala in full measure but towards the end, suddenly things take a convenient moralistic turn, much to the delight of the viewers, who gets a chance to compensate for all the cheesy fun they were having until then. Diphan?s ?The Dolphins?, is a rehash of the same old technique.

So here, the lodge gets replaced by a bar. Instead of Jayasurya in the earlier film, Suresh Gopi does the bad but innocent role in this one. But in both the cases Anoop Menon makes his entry at a crucial time and scores big time.

Well, there is no problem about repeating a hit formula if it works. For all the detractors of ?Trivandrum Lodge?, here is perhaps Anoop Menon?s reply, where he has dares to do it again.

The main plot revolves around Panayamuttom Sura (Suresh Gopi), a bar owner, who speaks with the peculiar Thiruvananthapuram accent and there are a few parallel storylines happening.

Sura has a gang of cronies and a loving wife but the moneybags is desperately trying to get himself some respect from the world around. He has survived an eventful past and his heroics are being narrated in a comical manner.

Then there is a series of murders happening and the cops are trying to make sense of the clues left behind by the killer. In between, Sura is smitten by the ample charms of a mystery woman on the phone. He manages to impress her, of course with the help of singer Nandan (Anoop Menon).

Now, the entire movie meanders along with fractured scenes, all peppered with humour that is essentially about booze, sex or crime. Of course, you can enjoy all that to the hilt and to balance it all, there are enough melodrama that preaches the value of family, morality and the likes, towards the end.

In all fairness, Diphan has packaged the film in an impressive manner. Jithu Damodar?s visuals and the music, which includes the old number Oh Mridule? and the Nancy Sinatra - Lee Hazlewood classic Summer Wine.

Though his character manage to impress during the climax sequences, Suresh Gopi?s accent and mannerisms is pretty annoying, to say the least. Anoop Menon reserves the best lines for himself and Meghna Raj is at her sensuous best. But watch out for a terrific show from Kalpana.

The Dolphins offers all the fun that one would like to enjoy without anyone else knowing about it! If that is the kind of entertainment that you are looking forward to at the cinemas, go for this one.

Verdict: Mass Masala

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