The film lacks a cohesive narration and screenplay

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 18 October 2010

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Star Cast

Vidyarth, Latchana, Ramana

You will never like to go anywhere near director Nandu?s Thottupaar, leave alone touch it!

It?s is difficult to sit through this film where a rank newcomer Vidhaarth is shown as a larger than life hero, taking on the mob!

Why did Ramanna do such a dumb role as a dreaded underworld don who is shown as a transgender in the climax of the film? Why was Anu Hassan so desperate to do such a stupid role?

Vidhaarth is an orphan in a small town who has a ration card and he is made to bail out people involved in petty crimes by the local cop the late VMC Haneefa. One day due to his benevolence a major criminal Murder Mani escapes after killing a state minister.

The cops are on his trail and Vidhaarth escapes to Chennai where he becomes a waiter at a local TASMAC bar and comes across Alagar Perumal and his doctor wife Anu Hassan who change his life along with a photo journalist Lakshana. But trouble brews as he crosses sword with deadly local don Ramanna.

The film lacks a cohesive narration and screenplay. Songs and fights pop up every 10 minutes. Srikanth Deva?s music is loud and jarring. The only silver lining in otherwise a bad film is the performance of late VMC Haneefa, as a comic antics are done with such perfect timing.

Verdict- Big Bore

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