The Great Father review: Strictly for Mammootty die-hard fans

Mammootty succeeds in raising the mercury levels with his million dollar looks

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 31 March 2017

Movie Title

The Great Father review: Strictly for Mammootty die-hard fans


Haneef Adeni

Star Cast

Mammootty, Arya, Sneha, Baby Anikha

Debutant director Haneef Adeni’s The Great Father celebrates Mammootty.

The superstar is shown in various stunning get ups walking around mostly in slow motion wearing colourful shirts, leather jackets, sunglasses and costly watches. It is all about the hero and the rest of the characters have been shaped, just to make him glitter even more.

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David Ninan (Mammootty) is a successful builder, living a peaceful life with wife Michelle (Sneha) and daughter Sarah (Baby Anikha). The initial sequences happen with Sarah going on and on about her dad to her friends at school and she says he was once a don in Mumbai. When her classmates mock her, she brings a loaded revolver as proof.

Meanwhile there is a pedophile serial killer, who bumps off a cop, just like that. A tough talking undercover cop Andrews (Arya) then takes charge. He comes in funky outfits, travels in his jeep and doesn’t even bother to offend anyone, including a judge. Even then his dialogues are like those comic lines that we usually hear in dubbed Tamil and Telugu Malayalam movies, in our local TV channels. (Sample: ‘Njan ente ammacheede aduthu polum ithra maryadakku samsarichittilleda maithandikale”)

But then all others, including the law and the cops, have not much role to play as the hero decides to go behind the criminal, all by himself. He then goes around in a swanky SUV beating up the baddies, defying the rules and saying high voltage dialogues in between.

The director has scant regard for the script or logic and perhaps made a virtual tribute to the stylish superstar. Yes, the atrocities against young girls that the film discusses is indeed a great concern but it has not been dealt with seriously so that this one can be ranked as a socially relevant movie.

Still, it’s almost like a comeback to his stylish avatar for Mammootty. There is enough to cheer for his ardent fans and the hero has done his part with visible excitement. He looks suave for sure but there are not many moments that challenges the veteran actor’s superb acting ability.

Baby Anikha is cute and makes a definite impression. Sneha is totally ignored in an inconsequential role. Arya flexes his muscles and shows his well-toned abs but is mostly unintentionally funny.

The Great Father comes heavily packed with enough masala for the masses. Mammootty succeeds in raising the mercury levels with his million dollar looks and his hardcore fans would be delighted for sure. For the rest of the world, it’s an okay one time watch at best.

>The Great Father review- Verdict: Strictly for Mammootty die-hard fans

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