The Kung Fu Master review: A treat for martial arts fans

The Kung Fu Master review: A treat for martial arts fans

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Movie Title

The Kung Fu Master review: A treat for martial arts fans


Abrid Shine

Star Cast

Neeta Pillai, Jiji Scaria, Sanoop

Abrid Shine, who has directed well appreciated movies like 1983, Action Hero Biju and Poomaram, is presenting a martial arts drama with The Kung Fu Master.

Rithu Ram (Neeta Pillai) has just joined a company in hilly north Indian region around Badrinath and goes to her brother’s place, which is some hours away, on a weekend. She and her brother Rishi Ram (Jiji Scaria) are trained in the martial art form Wing Chun.

The siblings, along with their family, goes for an outing to some picturesque locations nearby. As Rithu goes back to her workplace, a notorious criminal named Louis Antony (Sanoop D) and his gang, comes to attack Rishi and his family members. 

Though the story looks pretty thin and dramatic, the action sequences are where the movie gets the real momentum. The settings are beautiful and the actors are all brilliant mainly during the fight portions. 

It is a delight to watch the heroine getting importance as she actually does her stunts with perfection, as various forms of martial arts are displayed at various points. The viewers are also given an idea about the origin and details of martial art forms like Wing Chun for instance, which was practiced by Bruce Lee and got featured in the Ip Man movies. 

Abrid Shine has done proper research and has evidently taken honest efforts in bringing perfection to the frames through well-choreographed action sequences.

Neeta Pillai performs her role with total dedication and the style that displays during the action scenes has to be applauded. Jiji Scaria and Sanoop D are also impressive, especially during the fights. 

The Kung Fu Master, as the name suggests, is a movie in which martial arts get more prominence than perhaps anything else. And those moments are indeed quite thrilling to watch.

The Kung Fu Master review: A treat for martial arts fans

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