The Myth

Source: Sify

By: By Taran Adarsh (IndiaFM)

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 17 February 2006

Movie Title

The Myth


Star Cast

Jackie Chan, Mallika Sherawat

The general feeling in Bollywood is, films made in the West [Hollywood] and East [China, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong] are far superior than those churned out by Bollywood. The dream merchants in L.A., Shanghai, Bangkok and Korea have dared to think out of the box and come up with stories that leave you awe-struck. But there're always exceptions to the rule!

Jackie Chan has an impressive repertoire. But his new outing, The Myth, ranks amongst his weakest films. In fact, The Myth shatters The Myth that all foreign products are embellished with great stories and spellbinding execution. The film actually tests the patience of the viewer and barring two sequences [the chase at the start and the one inside a glue factory], the film is an exercise in boredom.

To cut a long story short, The Myth easily ranks amongst the terrible products churned out by the East.

The Myth is a mix of INDIANA JONES and a period film. It promises to be an action adventure plus love story, but the flaws in the script cut short a beautiful thought.

Jackie Chan is plagued by dreams about a general pledged to protect a princess. His dreams have no relationship with his everyday life. When his friend asks him to help him research legends dealing with gravity defying acts, Jackie is swept into a series of events that seem to intersect his dreams and he becomes even more convinced that they are telling him something.

Given the sloppy and slapdash screenplay, director Stanley Tong's handling of the material is very patchy. Also, Jackie Chan is not in form this time around. Mallika Sherawat, in a miniscule role, proves yet again that she needs to learn the basics of acting first.

On the whole, The Myth is a poor show all the way.

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